Description: Bid request for the design, fabrication and installation of perimeter fencing, including electrical automatilon of gates as well as remodelling of existing and building of new guard houses. See full details
Region: Cape - Western
Ref No: 52873
Client type: Government
Deadline:20 Aug 201910:00am

Description: Bid request for the supply, delivery, installation and training of: 12 x Security detectors or equivalent. See full details
Region: Cape - Western
Ref No: 52872
Client type: Government
Deadline:31 Jul 201912:00pm

Description: Bid request for the provislion of guarding services. See full details
Region: Freestate,Cape - Northern
Ref No: 52871
Client type: Government
Deadline:13 Aug 201911:00am

Description: Bid request for the supply and delivery of field inspectors uniforms. See full details
Region: Freestate,KwaZulu-Natal,Mpumalanga,Gauteng,North West Province,Limpopo,Cape - Eastern,Cape - Western,Cape - Northern
Ref No: 52870
Client type: Government
Deadline:26 Jul 201910:30am

Description: Bid request for the supply, delivery and installation of a 200 kVa diesel generator and chop-over panels for security building emergency supply for an estimated period of 6 months, See full details
Region: Mpumalanga
Ref No: 52869
Client type: Government
Deadline:12 Aug 201910:00am

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Tender Alert Service

The Tender alert service provides you with High and Low Value Tenders for both the Public and Private Sectors. We offer a unique service tailored to meet the needs of Security Companies throughout South Africa.

Each Tender is manually validated and listed according to your Services Offered and region ensuring you only receive Tenders relevant to your business.