Security Products (Self Defence) in South Africa

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    Company: EPS STUNTECH   Tel: 0825575655
    Location: Gauteng

    Overview:EPS Electrified Riot shields, designed to deter, to Defend and to Protect with non-lethal application able to use for effective access control, to restore law and order with LESS THAN LETHAL force. Ideal for use with Prison Cell extractions, Tactical Police units and General Security Con... click for more info

  2. Ballistic Anti Riot Co2 Baton
    Company: Ballistic Uniforms & Apparel   Tel: 021 811 4049
    Location: Cape - Western , Cape - Eastern , Cape - Western

    • High velocity Co2 anti-riot baton • Fires pepper, rubber and glass balls at 110m per second • Element of surprise, self-defence mid-range protection • Easy to carry for patrolling, anti-riot, dispersal and sentry duty • 1913 Picatinny rai... click for more info

    Company: EPS STUNTECH   Tel: 0825575655
    Location: Gauteng

    Overview: Ideal for personal protection and passive non-lethal law enforcement. No burning marks on skin or any permanent harmful after effect. Stop the attack before it starts. Sizes Available: 28cm-Compact, 40cm-Tactical, 55cm-Combat, 70cm-Riot Features: Robust E... click for more info