Security Products (Scanners) in South Africa

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  1. ATEC Book in a Cloud
    Location: Gauteng , Freestate , KwaZulu-Natal , Mpumalanga , Gauteng , North West Province , Limpopo , Cape - Eastern , Cape - Western , Cape - Northern

    ATEC’s book in a cloud is a Visitor Management System centred around a wireless, handheld device which scans the vehicle registration and drivers licence. This information is stored on a hosted server only accessible to authorised personnel, forming a secure log of all visitors who ... click for more info

  2. UNV- Heat Tracker Wrist Temperature Module
    Company: MiRO   Tel: 0126570960
    Location: Gauteng , KwaZulu-Natal , Mpumalanga , Gauteng , Cape - Eastern , Cape - Western , Cape - Northern

    These contactless thermal solutions allow you to measure the temperature of your staff and customers upon entry of your business. These solutions are perfect for quick and easy thermal screenings in public areas. click for more info