Security Products (Restraints) in South Africa

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  1. Anti-Riot Helmet
    Company: Imperial Armour   Tel: 031 700 2650
    Location: KwaZulu-Natal , Gauteng , International , Cape - Western

    The Imperial Armour anti-riot helmet is a lightweight helmet manufactured from fibreglass to provide safety. No other available material equals the ability of fibreglass to absorb shock, resist penetration and disperse energy. Feat... click for more info

    Company: EPS STUNTECH   Tel: 0825575655
    Location: Gauteng

    Overview; The Prisoner Stun Vest will be used to control the behavior of prisoners whilst escorting in order to prevent escape and ensure safety and protection of personnel and innocent bystanders. Ideal for use at courts, hospitals or compassionate leave outside prison and deportations.<... click for more info