Ballistic Anti Riot Co2 Baton

Company: Ballistic Uniforms & Apparel

Type: Firearms/Ammunition, PPE - Military, Weapons - Non lethal/Accessories, Survival equipment, Cash - Automation/Protection equipment, Self Defence, PPE - Security, PPE - Police, Guarding/Guards, Armed Response, PPE - Anti-Riot, Uniforms

• High velocity Co2 anti-riot baton

• Fires pepper, rubber and glass balls at 110m per second

• Element of surprise, self-defence mid-range protection

• Easy to carry for patrolling, anti-riot, dispersal and sentry duty

• 1913 Picatinny rail for tactical flashlight and IR laser

• Reinforced aluminium alloy for extreme durability

• Durable glass fibre housing

• Easy to fill six-shot magazine


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