Type: Restraints, PPE - Equipment/Accessories, Weapons - Non lethal/Accessories, Self Defence, Risk/Safety


The Prisoner Stun Vest will be used to control the behavior of prisoners whilst escorting in order to prevent escape and ensure safety and protection of personnel and innocent bystanders. Ideal for use at courts, hospitals or compassionate leave outside prison and deportations.

Manufactured form Ballistic Nylon D1200 material with internal Shock panel back and front.

High Security 6 Point Rear locking straps to prevent access by the prisoner.

Double Velcro Lock Shoulder straps to prevent removal by the Prisoner

Concealed D-RING for additinal handcuff use.

Control box Secured with dual straps to prevent tampering and easy removal.

Inner Shock panels fitted on front and back panels to ensure 360-degree contact around the waist area.

Long Range Code Hopping Remote activation to prevent accidental trigger.

125-dB Ear-piercing Siren serves as a first warning to attract audible attention.

Tested non-lethal high voltage pulse to temporary incapacitate the prisoner and prevent an escape.