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Allcash Technologies (Pty) Ltd

Gauteng , KwaZulu-Natal , Gauteng , Cape - Western

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+27 (0)499500
086 619 9026
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7 Monza Close, Kyalami Business Park, Midrand, 1685

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PO Box 76117, Wendywood, 2114

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KwaZulu-Natal Gauteng Cape - Western


Access control Systems, Alarms, Cash - Automation/Protection equipment, Cash - Equipment, Cash Services, Distributor, Fleet Management, Locks, Manufacturer, Shops/Retailers, Supplier, Tracking, Tracking, Vehicle Tracking/Management systems, Vehicle/Equipment/Systems


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Products include: International Cash Defender MK3, Management and Tracking of Cash Packages, IntellEseal T: combats internal fraud and theft in the entire supply chain, IntellEseal I - The IntellEseal I: the new way of sealing; reusable, recyclable and fitted with RFID   view all...


Cash Defender, Cross Pavement Carrier. Transtrack, Roadnet, Intelligent Lock, Online lock, Consumables, Scanners, Track and trace


ALLCASH TECHNOLOGIES (Pty) Ltd formerly trading as QD Group (PTY) LTD is a leading South African designer, manufacturer and distributor of cash protection equipment, cash management solutions and asset tracking products.

ALLCASH TECHNOLOGIES’s asset protection products lead the market in electronic locks, cash in transit equipment and on-site cash protection.

ALLCASH TECHNOLOGIES also distributes and supports Transtrack’s suite of cash management software products together with the hardware and consumables which enable these products.

The company operates from offices and a factory in Kyalami, Midrand with branches in Cape Town and Durban and a network of accredited agents in other parts of the country.

ALLCASH TECHNOLOGIES invests heavily in research and development of new and existing products and has the ability to customise solutions for specific applications.

ALLCASH TECHNOLOGIES is committed to remaining at the forefront of the cash protection and management industry and to providing outstanding solutions, training and technical support for its customers.


International Cash Defender MK3 - Product Code: MGT-0004-01 / 02

Get the new generation Cross Pavement Carrier with bag ripper and ink-dye technology from AllCash Technologies.


•   Are your ATM's being Bombed?
•   Are your Safes being Bombed?
•   Do you need a safe / ATM protected by Ink Dye Technology?

Executive Time Delay Lock System - Product Code: AA001-MFK-ETD-HS
Time Delay, time lock and one time random code access system for safes, ATM's and access solutions.

Executive Keylock System - Product Code: AA001-MFK-ETD-01

Fully electronic solution that provides for single user access, dual user access and multiple user access


CashWebCommunity (CWC) - Technology to make cash flow

AllCash Technologies is the representative and Sub-Sahara African integration partner for Dutch software developer TransTrack International.


PUDU has been field tested and has a proven track record in safeguarding assets during a cash-in-transit heist, leading to asset recovery and a significant reduction in actual attacks.

IntellEseal I

The IntellEseal I: the new way of sealing; reusable, recyclable and fitted with RFID

IntellEseal T    

IntellEseal T: combats internal fraud and theft in the entire supply chain

Roadnet Technologies, Inc

Throughout the world, Roadnet Technologies, Inc. enables organizations with fleets and mobile resources to gain a competitive advantage through lowered transportation costs, improved customer service, and enhanced transportation.


KwaZulu-Natal Details

Phone Number:
(+27)031 826 4260
Street Address:
Durban Service Centre, Pinetown, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Gauteng Details

Phone Number:
+27 (0) 11 049 9500
Street Address:
Head Office: , Kyalami, Gauteng, South Africa

Cape - Western Details

Phone Number:
(+27)021 823 9790
Street Address:
Cape Town Service Centre, Bellville, Cape Town