IntellEseal T: combats internal fraud and theft in the entire supply chain

Company: AllCash South Africa (Pty) Ltd

Type: Tracking, Vehicle Tracking/Management systems, Cash - Automation/Protection equipment, Security seals/bags

IntellEseal T: combats internal fraud and theft in the entire supply chain

If you need to track and trace your goods throughout the entire supply chain and aim to prevent loss and fraud, CaptureTech has got the ultimate solution: the IntellEseal T. The IntellEseal T was specifically designed for use in extreme circumstances, like on the back of a truck. The seal easily detects if and when cargo doors, trolleys or containers have been opened.

Automatic control over unauthorized opening of cargo

The IntellEseal T is an electronic seal with RFID technology and advanced functionalities. On closing, the seal automatically generates a unique number that can be entered in the freight documents. If the IntellEseal’s display displays the same number on arrival, it is certain the cargo doors, trolleys or container have not been opened in transit. A new unique number is generated each time the transport has to stop for additional loading or offloading. The IntellEseal T stores the times and dates of all the openings and closures, providing a complete audit trail. That information can be seen on the display, but also via a mobile computer or completely automatic with RFID.

User friendly, even in extreme circumstances

The IntellEseal T has been designed specifically for use in extreme circumstances. It comes with a rugged housing and is completely protected from water, dust, salt, dirt and oil. The seal can withstand severe temperature fluctuations and is easy to attach to the back of a truck using a special, metal housing.

The IntellEseal is very easy to use. It adapts to its situation:

  • The display rotates automatically if it is mounted upside down; the display automatically lights up
  • When the housing’s lid is removed the lid stays open automatically.

Everything to make it as user friendly as possible. And the user can replace the battery himself.

The IntellEseal T saves on costs and minimizes loss of goods in the supply chain.

 More Info:

  • Indicative Sealing solution ideal for harsh environments
  • Hammer proof solid Pet-G casing
  • Size: 7cm x 10cm x 3 cm
  • Coated 3mm wire with end closing tip of 8mm
  • standard cable 50cm, other lengths available
  • Cable easily replaceable
  • Ideal for trucks, trolleys, dollys, RTIs, valves; anything that is used outside and which needs indicative sealing with an audit trail
  • Easy to use inductive button
  • Solution easily shows if the seal has been opened or not (by a 4 digit sealing nr displayed)
    If more information is required, also the DATE AND TIME when it has been opened or closed can be retrieved:By using the display (last 20)
  • By using UHF RFID (last 400)
  • Optional rock solid stainless steel cradle, remains open without holding
  • Possible fraud with large magnet detected
  • PCB is fully moulded in epoxy
  • 2 LEDS for electronic signature and low battery warning
  • High performance, user replaceable, battery pack that can withstand a temperature range of -55 to +85 degrees C, Battery lifetime: 2 years
  • In the design, bluetooth and/or active RFID part has been foreseen

Additional "Nice" features:

  • Accelerometer included
  • Light sensor to activate display when opening the lid of the cradle
  • It also adjusts the sensitivity