IntellEseal I - The IntellEseal I: the new way of sealing; reusable, recyclable and fitted with RFID

Company: AllCash South Africa (Pty) Ltd

Type: Tracking, Security seals/bags

The IntellEseal I: the new way of sealing; reusable, recyclable and fitted with RFID

Forget about all the sealing methods you know. CaptureTech has developed the new standard in sealing: the IntellEseal I. The IntellEseal I can be reused, recycled and it saves on the waste of 350 single-use seals.

Electronic RFID seal

The IntellEseal is an electronic, reusable RFID seal. Each IntellEseal is fitted with an RFID tag with a unique number. This number makes it possible to identify shipments or orders automatically for tracking and tracing purposes. Even multiple tags can be identified simultaneously. So no more scanning or checking barcodes!

Built in security check

However, the IntellEseal has more to offer: The seal automatically registers the time and date it was opened and closed. This way, fraud, if any, is easily detected and you have a complete audit trail at your disposal. When you have to observe very strict safety standards, the staff member attaching the IntellEseal to the shipment, can even add an electronic signature to the seal. The consignee can detect unauthorized opening and closing of the seal in transit, by looking at the LED light. Of course, the time and date of the unauthorized actions are stored automatically. So lengthy inspections upon arrival will no longer be necessary!

Reusable up to 350 times

The IntellEseal can be used up to 350 times and stores the last 100 times and dates the seal has been opened and closed. After using the seal 350 times, it is collected for recycling. That makes the IntellEseal a sustainable and green solution.

More Info:

  • I stands for Indoor
  • IntellEseal I is a reusable sealing device
  • Cable to be renewed if damaged
  • Intelligent, Electronic, RFID
  • Logs 200 opening and closing events (date and time)
  • Equals 350 seals , has a lifetime of 2 years
  • Additional cap to prevent unplanned opening
  • Numbering on house, cable and cap possible
    Date and time is encrypted in unique number
  • Retrieving data with simple RFID reader connected to a PC
  • Two versions: one with and one without electronic signature option
  • Also handheld terminal with integrated RFID reader can be used
  • Simple, easy to use, “green”

IntellEseal I Markets:Closed Loop, Returnable Transport Items, Indoor use, rollcages, banknoteboxes, DutyFree trolleys, pharma boxes….

  • Need for checking when opened/closed
  • Almost daily sealing
  • Optional docking station/cradle
  • Easier to trace fraud
  • Supports Track & Trace of RTI’s