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Alcohol Breathalysers (Pty) Ltd

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29 Plantation Road, , The Gardens, , Norwood, , Johannesburg, , 2192, , South Africa

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PO BOX 1955, , Houghton, 2041


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Products include: iBlow10 for Industry and Law-Enforcement - Basic Pack, Alcoscan AL1100F - Industry Screeners, Alcoscan ALP1 BT for Industry & Law-Enforcement, Alcoscan EBS010 Entrance Breathalyser System   view all...


Alcohol Breathalysers (Pty) Ltd. was established in 2004 with the aim to make available reliable, affordable and accurate digital breathalysers. We now offer the widest range of alcohol testers available in Africa including Professional, Industry, Law-Enforcement, Business and Personal models. Alcohol Breathalysers Save Money, Time and Lives!

Improve Safety in your Work Place & Business:

- Reduce the risk of alcohol related accidents occurring in your workplace
- Save the lives of on-site workers and drivers out on the roads

Increase Productivity of your work-force:

- Increase the productivity of your workforce by ensuring that workers are not under the influence of alcohol whilst on the job

Cost Savings:

- Save money spent on dealing with alcohol related accidents in your work place
- Save money lost through lack of productivity and repairing your damaged company assets.

Approvals & Certifications

Conformance Reports and Foreign Standards / Certifications:

Important Note about SABS Approval

- There is no SABS standard for breathalyser screening devices therefore no stamp of approval can be given to any breathalyser screener in South Africa however please see below letter from the SABS Environmental Testing department relating to a foreign EU Standard for Screeners. 

AlcoScan ALP-1 Law-Enforcement Breathalyzer Screener: EN 15964:2011 

- Our Law-Enforcement Breathalyzer Screener AlcoScan ALP-1 meets the requirements of the European EN Standard - EN 15964:2011 for Breath alcohol test devices other than single use devices and the South African Bureau of Standards Conformance Report for this product is included below. 

RoHS compliant

- Restriction on Hazardous Substances - EU directive 

EMC EN 61326-1:2006 compliant

- Application of the CE Mark is permitted 

Australian Standard AS 3547 - 1997

- Australian Standard for Breath Alcohol Testing Devices for Personal Use - BreathScan Disposable Breathalysers - both 0.02% BAC & 0.05% BAC. 

USA NHTSA-05-21436

- USA National Highway Traffic Safety Administration / Highway Safety Programs; Conforming Products List of Screening Devices To Measure Alcohol in Bodily Fluids