Alcoscan EBS010 Entrance Breathalyser System

Company: Alcohol Breathalysers (Pty) Ltd

Type: Testing systems, Testing Services

Alcoscan EBS010 is a high speed automatic industrial breathalyser that is used to check the breath of workers for alcohol at Turn Stile gates and Entrances to sites, offices, mines, refineries and warehouses. 

Result outputs are provided by a 12V 1 sec pulse separate for Pass and Fail and by digital USB output in PC mode. 

If Dry Contact Relay OUTPUT for Pass and Fail is required an optional extra Relay Box is available.

A Pass result allows access and a Fail result prevents access. Breath tests are ethanol specific and EBS010 performs over 600 tests per hour. Alcoscan EBS010 is built for Industrial and High Security environments. 

Annual calibration is recommended.