Alcoscan ALP1 BT for Industry & Law-Enforcement

Company: Alcohol Breathalysers (Pty) Ltd

Type: Testing systems, Testing Services

Alcoscan ALP1 BT is a fully portable IP54 rated water resistant Fuel Cell Sensor breathalyser for Law-Enforcement and Industry alcohol screening.

ALP1 meets the EN Standard - EN 15964:2011 for Breath Alcohol test devices other than single use devices.

ALP1 captures and stores alcohol test results after each test which can be downloaded and analysed later on a PC. Memory: Password protected last 500 test results including date and time of each test. ALP1 BT is Bluetooth enabled to connect to our free Android App.

Alcoscan ALP1 contains the latest 1-Inch full size Fuel Cell Sensor providing the highest accuracy available and ethanol specific results and providing for a long calibration cycle.

ALP1 provides both FAST (Passive) no mouthpiece testing and NORMAL (Active) mouthpiece testing.

Annual Calibration is recommended.