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Doculam (Pty) Ltd

KwaZulu-Natal , KwaZulu-Natal , Gauteng , Cape - Eastern , Cape - Western

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Phone Number:
087 152 3333 (national)
031 201 9621
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Physical Address

140 Umbilo Road, , Durban, , 4001

Postal Address

PO Box 18333, , Dalbridge, , 4014, 7441

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KwaZulu-Natal Gauteng Cape - Eastern Cape - Western


Access Cards/tags & Accessories, Access control Systems, Agents, Alarms, Armour/Armoured, Asset Identification/trace, Audio Systems, Barcoding systems, Barriers, Biometric readers (fingerprint etc), Booms/Barriers, Cameras, Cash - Equipment, CCTV , Covert, Detection Equipment, Distributor, Exporter, Importer, Installer/Repairs, IT Software/Hardware, Metal Detectors, Mirrors, Monitoring Services/Systems, Monitoring System, Occupational Health & Safety, Printing Equip, Rescue Services/Equip, Risk/Safety, Scanners, Shops/Retailers, Solutions Provider, Supplier, Surveillance systems, Testing systems, Time & Attendance, Vehicle & Traffic Equip, Vehicle/Equipment/Systems, Wireless Products, X-ray


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Products include: Magtouch Guard Monitoring Systems, Garrett Super Wand, Alcofind AF-100S Alcohol Screener, Calibration Services   view all...


Magicard, CardPresso, Garrett, Alcotech, Mark X, Marcury Alcofind, Watchdog, MagTouch



Identification Systems &  Consumables

* Digital ID Systems * Magicard PVC Card Printers *

Alcohol & Drug Screeners

*Mark X breathalysers* Alcofind screener*Mercury Breathalyser* redline disposable crystals*Phoebus Access control breathalyser

Metal Detection

* Garrett Metal Detectors *SuperSearch Metal Detectors 

Security Products

* Guard Monitoring Systems * Watchdog Body Worn Cameras*

* General Safety & Security Products

Occupational Health and Safety

* Alcohol and Drug Testing * Access control Breathalysers

Doculam was established in 1979 by CEO Elayne Tranter and has since proved itself to be a genuine commercial success story due in part to the company philosophy of service excellence, product quality and business integrity. doculam is the preferential supplier of identification, security and occupational health and safety products to a large number of South Africa's most prestigious companies and prides itself on having retained numerous influential customers in the doculam stables for many years.

Doculam has nurtured and developed it's internal customer base over the past 38 years, and remains positioned as a competitive South African national organisation with corporate management based in Durban, supported by a branch in Johannesburg, and staff support in Cape Town and Port Elizabeth. Doculam represents brands as far afield as the United States, Canada, Korea, the United Kingdom and China bringing the world market to local shores. This however should not detract from the fact that doculam is committed to localised commerce, marketing a comprehensive range of products manufactured in South Africa by South Africans.

Mission Statement:

To perceive and satisfy the requirements of the greater Southern African identification, security and occupational health and safety market with superior customer service and quality products.

KwaZulu-Natal Details

Phone Number:
+27 (0)87 152 3333
Email address:
Postal Address:
PO Box 18333, Dalbridge, 4014
Street Address:
Head Office:, 140 Umbila Road, Durban

Gauteng Details

Phone Number:
+27 (0)87 152 3333
Email address:
Postal Address:
PO Box 1013, Pinegowrie, 2123
Street Address:
Cnr. MacArthur Avenue & Malibongwe Drive,, Robindale Ext. 9, , Randburg,, Johannesburg, Gauteng, 2194

Cape - Eastern Details

Phone Number:
+27 (0)87 152 3333
Email address:

Cape - Western Details

Phone Number:
+27 (0)87 152 3333
Email address: