Executive Time Delay Lock System

Company: AllCash South Africa (Pty) Ltd

Type: Locks, Cash - Automation/Protection equipment

Product Code: AA001-MFK-ETD-HSL
Time Delay, time lock and one time random code access sytem for safes, ATM's and access solutions.

  • Practical and Aesthetic ValuesRobust keypad and housing for extra durability
  • Easy to read angled display for under counter application
  • Up to 7 days battery back-up
  • Product functions well in harsh weather conditions (-10° to 50° Celsius)
  • Solar Powered back-up in remote areas (Optional)

Functional Values

  • Interlocking Operation
  • Immediate Time Lock Functionality
  • Menu Based User Settings
  • Day, Evening and Night Time Lock Functionality
  • Alarm Triggering Output
  • Door and Bolt-work Monitoring
  • EN Certified
  • In-House Hardware and Software Development

Features and Benefits

  • 99 Access Codes – 9 Managerial, 81 User, 8 Dallas User, 1 Reset, 1 Technician
  • 5 Digit PIN with Duress
  • Lockout On 3 Incorrect PIN Entries
  • Fully Programmable from the Keypad
  • Door Open Alarm Trigger
  • Time Lock Functionality (Day, Evening, Night)
  • Security Time Lock
  • Holiday Time Lock
  • Programmable Access Operation with Optional Off Site Verification (SU, SU+C, DU, DU+C)
  • Off Site Verification Client or Branch Specific
  • Keypad Removal Detection
  • Full Audit Trail
  • Emergency Lockdown using a Dallas Key
  • User Data Reset Operation
  • Time Delay Functionality Optional
  • Opening Counter (to be added)

Future Enhancements

  • Communications Module Available for Interface to a GSM Modem
  • Remote Lock Status and Lockdown Application in Prototype Phase
  • Full Online Lock Application Under DevelopmentLock Status
  • Error Reporting
  • Audit Download
  • Lockdown
  • User Data and Setup Upload
  • Access Control - Client Specific