Executive Keylock System

Company: AllCash South Africa (Pty) Ltd

Type: Locks, Cash - Automation/Protection equipment

Product Code: AA001-MFK-ETD-01

Fully electronic solution that provides for single user access, dual user access and multiple user access.


  • The unit is fitted to the ATM or the safe that you wish to protect
  • The unit locks in behind the bolt-work of the safe, therefore making it more effective and secure
  • The unit monitors tampering, opening and closing procedures and sets an alarm if a breach in procedure is detected
  • The unit is connected to an alarm system, which notifies armed reaction of alarm conditions


  • All keys are required to be "activated" every day
  • The unit is opened with one or two electronic keys
  • Opening times are controlled by time windows. E.g. 8am - 5pm
  • All operating sequences are recorded on the key the user opens the safe with and must be downloaded before next use, to monitor:
  • Door open time
  • Door close time
  • Bolt-work failure
  • Correct closing procedure
  • Simple to operate
  • Easy to program and maintain
  • Ergonomically positioned, small user interface
  • Reader "holds" keys during operation
  • 2 Electronic key operation


  • Full client specific software package to manage keys and routes
  • Fully programmable from an electronic key


  • EN 1300 Certified
  • Dual control with keys
  • Full daily audit on all units seen
  • Risk reduction - lost / stolen keys unusable within 8 hours
  • Tamper monitoring linked to the alarm