Alcoscan AL9010 Including Mobile Printer

Company: Alcohol Breathalysers (Pty) Ltd

Type: Testing systems, Testing Services

Alcoscan AL9010 including Mobile Printer is a high quality hand held, portable Fuel Cell Sensor alcohol tester used to check breath alcohol concentration with Law-Enforcement accuracy.

AL9010 interfaces with and is supplied with a portable battery operated folio printer and is also 12V operated for the capturing and printing of breathalyser test results when performing an alcohol test in a work-place, at a site or on the road.

AL9010 houses the latest Fuel Cell Sensor Technology providing the highest accuracy available with a long calibration cycle. 

AL9010 Breathalyser unit displays the last test result
AL9010 Printer stores the last 100 tests result (date, time, test result) and you can print out the last 100 test results on paper only. 

This unit is suitable for use in the workplace.

Annual calibration is recommended.