Alcohol Tester Breathalyser iBlow10 for Industry and Law-Enforcement - Full Pack

Company: Alcohol Breathalysers (Pty) Ltd

Type: Sensors, Detection Equipment, Testing systems, Risk/Safety, Testing Services

iBlow10 is a high speed breathalyser screener for testing drivers at road blocks & workers entering industrial sites.

iBlow10 has a SuraCell Fuel Cell Sensor for ethanol specific alcohol testing which provides a long calibration cycle of 1 year.

Digital Display of Results as well as GREEN or RED bright LED display based on a PASS or FAIL when any alcohol is detected in breath OR based on a pre-set PASS / FAIL Limit depending on whether iBlow10 is ordered for Industrial Use or Law-Enforcement Use.

iBlow10 provides 12 tests p/minute without the use of mouth pieces & offers Active and Passive testing for when drivers or workers have difficulty exhaling.

LEDs for Night Time use providing RED, BLUE and BLUE ONLY options to direct drivers.

Includes free downloadable PC software to download breathalyser test data from iBlow10 to a PC for analysis and record keeping.