CARDPRESSO -ID Card Software

Company: Doculam (Pty) Ltd

Type: Information Technology, Printing Equip

Start by XXS with the basic features for card design and  printing using predefined templates, signature acquisition,  edit view for text data input, database view,  barcodes 1D, WIA/TWAIN/DirectShow acquisition, magnetic  encoding support, internal document database  with photo connection, database table create & edit and  browse/find records.

XS adds QR codes, and .XLS, .XLSX, .CSV and .TXT database  connection, 2D barcodes.

XM adds local MS Access and SQLite connection, photo  on database, FaceCrop tool for face recognition.

XL adds ODBC connection, RFID contactless direct  encoding, Smartcard direct encoding, Smartcard plugin,

Internal and External RFID encoder support, Fingerprint  acquisition, multi-layout card designs, auto-print and  user allowances.

XXL adds advanced features like DESFire, Web Print Server and Net License up to 16 Pcs in the same subnet and scope.