Type: PPE - Equipment/Accessories, Cash - Automation/Protection equipment, Cash services


Ideal for secure bulk cash and ATM cassette transfers by Major Contract Security Organizations, Banks Consortiums and individuals.


Robust moulded polypropylene construction with stylish inconspicuous design.
Approx. External dimensions:

     – Model 055 (55cm x 40cm x 20 cm) Weight 3.5Kgs
     – Model 069 (69cm x 49cm x 29cm) Weight 4.5 Kgs
     – Model 081 (81cm x 55cm x 35cm)  Weight 5.5.kgs

Telescopic pull out handle with wheels.

New Micro RC Coded Long-Range remote-control activation up to 100 Metres plus with Security enabled frequency technology.

New Ear piercing 125 dB alarm to attract unwanted attention.

New 120 000 volts effective non-lethal Shock deterrent in carry handle, extendable handle and on external casing.

New Optional Dual activation button with safety trigger for use with external Colour smoke dye option.

New 2.5 Amp Rechargeable battery pack with Intel fast charge Charger for extended operation.
Optional concealed Tracking device with Web-based monitoring and support
Removable Electronic control module for cost effective shipping and after sales maintenance.
12 Months Manufacturing warranty.