Security products available from HISSCO INTERNATIONALAvailable in these regions: Gauteng , KwaZulu-Natal , Gauteng , Cape - Western


  1. Air Cargo Screening - PX™ 10.10­MV

    Powerful. Modular. Configurable. The most flexible multi­view X­ray for non­palletized freight.Blending unparalleled imaging performance and cost­saving operational flexibility in a modular one­meter tunnel X­ray system, the PX 10.10­MV enables airportbagga... click for more info

  2. Air Cargo Screening - PX™ 15.17­MV 200

    Accurate, multi­view screening of palletized freight. Designed for air cargo screening and suitable for many other applications, L­3’s PX 15.17­MV 200 delivers superior image performance and penetration. With a tunnel opening 1.5M wide and 1.7M high, this multi­view ... click for more info

  3. Baggage Screening - ACX® 6.4­MV

    Achieve superior explosives detection and throughput with the industry’s most compact multi-view checkpoint X-ray system. Designed to screen small and medium-sized objects (to a maximum of 640x640mm) such as handbags, laptops, carry-on baggage and other hand carried items. The PX 6.... click for more info

  4. Baggage Screening - Proscan 6.4C

    The innovative ProScan 6.4 c checkpoint x-ray system delivers an unbeatable combination of compact size and reduced weight, operational flexibility and best value performance. The ProScan platform is an evolution from the widely developed and reliable Line-Scan and PX series. With the hig... click for more info

  5. Baggage Screening - PX 5.3

    Best value in ultra-compact, high-performance X-ray system. Designed to screen small and medium-sized objects such as briefcases, backpacks, parcels, and packages, the PX-5.3 is an ideal X-ray screening solution for mailrooms, schools, courthouses, corrections facilities, corporate office... click for more info

  6. Baggage Screening - PX™ 107

    Best-in-class imaging with the largest tunnel size available for non-palletized freight. Blending superior imaging performance and cost-saving operational flexibility, the PX 107 is the X-ray tunnel system offering best-in-class resolution and penetration for airport baggage, freight forw... click for more info

  7. Baggage Screening - PX™ 208

    Screen oversized objects, with limited space. Ideal for screening oversize items at border crossings and checkpoints, the PX­208 X­ray system offers superior image quality, high throughput and cost­effectiveoperation. A larger­than­average tunnel opening (825mm w... click for more info

  8. Baggage Screening - PX™ 231

    Best­in­class imaging in a system that screens everything from small packages to break­bulk cargo. Ideal for busy facilities that screen a range of non­palletized freight, from small parcels to break­bulk cargo, the PX­231 X­ray system combines best­in­... click for more info

  9. Body Scanners

    Advanced Security Body Scanning Large service organization provides 24 hours a day / 7 days a week support. L­3’s ProVision enhances security at checkpoints in any secure environment – for airports, asset protection, federal and state courthouses, correcti... click for more info

  10. Explosives Detection - OptEX®

    Detect virtually any explosive in less than four seconds — without relying on a reference library that must be constantly updated. Leveraging L­3’s innovative energetic materials detection (EMD) technology, the OptEX desktop explosives trace detection system allows security person... click for more info