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A quarter of a century in the security detection business has enabled us to cherry pick technology as well as identify, measure and specify each and every part that makes up the equipment we sell. Customers simply do not want new equipment that demands constant maintenance and associated costs. Over the years we have assessed the quality and lifecycle of different components and how they contribute to the overall longevity and performance of the equipment. It is not just about pushing the boundaries of technology, it is also about reliability and low maintenance. A good example of this is our own in-house HS Detection range of products where we have incorporated great technology with the best in design and components that have stood the test of time.

HISSCO INTERNATIONAL is a one stop shop. We supply the entire spectrum of security detection equipment from people screening to container scanners and everything in between. These include advanced CT systems, explosive, drug and metal detection products as well as a comprehensive range of security x-ray machines for commercial, governmental and industrial applications.



In 2007, HISSCO started a program of analysing designs and monitoring the performance of all major parts within the x-ray equipment and accessories being sold on behalf of other manufacturers. These included the generator tanks, controllers, power distribution boards, UPS’s, monitors, computer hardware, switchgear and roller conveyors. Over the years, the Company was able to identify design flaws and test components that demonstrated prolific performance combined with lifespan and cost effectiveness.


In the intervening period, HISSCO was able to remanufacture used equipment from the ground up and test its own designs and component permutations in order to draw up detailed specifications for the building of equipment in-house.


Since 2014, the Company has been producing and supplying its own accessories such as inspection trays, conveyor rollers and baggage slides whilst also manufacturing its own range of x-ray equipment under the HS DETECTION™ brand.


HISSCO’s experience in the security x-ray business over the past 25 years has enabled the Company to design and build quality products with leading components resulting in overall equipment performance at the most competitive pricing.


The Company offers both standard and tailor made solutions to cater for all of our customers service requirements and budgets. Whether it be providing extended warranties, all-inclusive or limited plans, preventative maintenance or simply an ad-hoc service we can gear a maintenance package customised to each customers individual needs. Not only are we capable of delivering fast response and repair times but the average operational up-time across all product lines sold by HISSCO over a 12 month period currently sits at 99.8%. Furthermore, we are able to repair and refurbish spare parts down to component level, thereby maintaining a substantial rolling stock of replacement parts.

In 1994, the Company started life as HUDSON INTERNATIONAL SALES & SECURITY CONSULTANTS in the United Kingdom and now trades under the abbreviated name HISSCO. Since commencement of operations, the company has sold over 6,000 security systems across the world for a variety of applications. With so many years of experience we have also accumulated a vast amount of knowledge in the production, maintenance and repair of the products we sell.

Whether the requirement is for renting, leasing or outright purchase, we provide the best quality security detection equipment, the best value and the largest range of options. Combined with our proven track record, unparalleled service and spare parts support we believe that we are not just a choice, we are the only choice!