D.20 - Base Station/Repeater

Company: RDC - Radio Data Communications

Type: Radio

  • Intelligent base and repeater handshake
  • High end receiver with sophisticated front end filtering
  • Advanced self-testing features
  • "Daisy chain" capability
  • Advanced iprs2 signal routing technology
  • Remote FTP updating

Signal acknowledgement (handshaking) capability reduces network congestion and increases signal

Pre-programmed signal routing ensures that  signals take the fastest most efficient route to the
base station (iprs2).

"Daisy chain" capability allows signals to be sent out of difficult terrain and over extended distances.

High end receiver with sophisticated front end  filtering for interference immunity - particularly
important for interference prone repeater high sites. No additional cavity filters are required.
Each unit is able to accommodate up to 4 receivers, each on their own frequency.

May be used either as a base station or as a repeater to extend the range of transmitters on the

One unit provides backup for a base station or repeater.

Advanced features, yet reasonably priced.

Machine assembled to highest quality standards.

Compatible with all RDC transmitter models.

Contact ID compatible.

Used with an external 2A charger and high capacity battery for load shedding conditions.

Up to 30 repeaters per network for increased coverage and performance.

Multi-user facility of up to 400 users.

Pre-programmed mains-fail and self-test reporting allows for pro-active network monitoring.

Remote route programming and editing via FTP.

RS-232 serial output compatible with all control room monitoring software.