Ballistic Helmets

Company: Shali Safety

Type: PPE - Military, PPE - Equipment/Accessories, PPE - Police, PPE - Anti-Riot


The newly designed Shalisafety Boltless attachment mechanism allows for any style of shalisafety helmet to be fitted with internal mounting points.
This removes the necessity for drilling through the external shell to attach the harness mounting brackets. 

The Shell maintains its ballistic integrity and removes the often fatal secondary fragmentation that is caused by a strike on the external bolt – which may turn into lethal projectile of its own.

A boltless system is compatible with all the Shalisafety styles of harness and attachments.


• The ballistic performance is improved by maintaining the uninterrupted shell of the helmet. There is no weak point through which a projectile may ‘slip’.
• The internal mounting lugs are both chemically and mechanically bonded to the inner surface of the helmets.
• The mounting system is positioned so as not to interfere with the harnesses anti trauma capabilities.
• Helmet contains internal mounting lugs.
• Improved ballistic performance.
• Harness attaches to internal mounting lugs.