AC2100HRF - Biometric Terminal

Company: Mustek Limited - Mustek Security Technologies (MST)

Type: Biometric readers (fingerprint etc)

The AC 2100H is an entry level Biometric Terminal from ViRDI. It is utilised in areas where common biometric access is required with a moderate amount of users and utilised in conjunction with the Vertical Robust Enclosure can be used externally as it has an IPx3 rating The AC 2100H is available in 125KHz RFID or 13.56MHz Smart Card models


* 128 x 64mm Monochrome Screen
* 1 500 Card Users
* Maximum 1 500 fingerprint users (1: N)
* 5 000 Event Log
* 1 / 1 000 1: N fingerprint template comparison in under 1 sec
* USB-mini Port for Up and Downloading of Log Files and Users

The AC 2100H connects to the UNIS Access Control and Template Management software suite for full Access Control, T&A and Meal Management Functionality via Structured Premise Cabling (Cat 5a or Cat6) and a TCP/IP network