ultraWave ™ Microwave Intrusion Detection System

Company: Fiber Guard (Pty) Ltd

Type: Sensors, Detection Equipment

μltraWave ™ is Senstar’s newest generation of volumetric perimeter intrusion detection system consisting of an all digital transmitter and receiver that create an invisible detection zone that alerts when unwanted intrusions occur. μltraWave ™ works reliably in extreme environments and provides networking for remote alarm reporting and configuration common to other Senstar sensors such as OmniTrax ®, FlexPS ™ and XField ®./

How it works

Transmitters and receivers can be located up to 200 m (656 ft.)apart. They are post mounted and installed facing each other to form a cylindrical zone of detection where intruders are reliably detected night or day regardless of weather conditions. µltraWave ™ can be used by itself to provide intrusion detection around an entire perimeter or as a gap-fill solution where another security system acts as the main sensor.