CrossFire ™ Network Input / Output Transponders

Company: Fiber Guard (Pty) Ltd

Type: IT Hardware/software, Monitoring System

Crossfire ™ network input / output transponders are a set of modules that provide a reliable, secure means to accept input points and to control output points.             


A selection of Crossfire ™ modules are available for the system integrator to choose from. Crossfire ™ modules can be housed in a rackmountable open card cage for indoor applications or in a customer provided sealed enclosure for outdoor applications for those modules that are outdoor related. Example uses include input monitoring of door position switches and intercom call buttons and controlling the state of CCTV switchers and contact coils.    

How it works

Senstar’s Crossfire ™ field network is a powerful complement to any security system. It features dual physical data paths (fiber optic or RS-422), redundant communications paths for increased reliability, and bi-directional communications for remote sensor diagnostics and secure tamper detection. Redundancy ensures that intrusions are always reported, and control is always available. A Crossfire ™ network can include up to 128 devices including input / output transponders and Intelli-FLEXTM, IntelliFIBERTM and MPS-4100 sensor processors. The main elements of a Crossfire ™ Input / Output (I/O) transponder system include:

• Equipment to interface the Crossfire ™ network to the controlling Windows® PC running either StarNeT 1000 or Crossfire ™ Network Manager software

• I/O transponders, card cages, I/O cabling and power supplies

• Field network wiring (typically customer supplied