Flash ™ Personal Emegency Alarm System

Company: Fiber Guard (Pty) Ltd

Type: Alarms

To help keep personnel working in high threat environments safe, the Flash ™ emergency alarm system instantly sends a call for help at the touch of a button. When a user causes an alarm by activating his / her Personal Protection Device (PPD) the PPD emits an RF signal that is picked up by Flash ™ sensors installed in wall or ceiling spaces. The Flash ™ sensors in turn signal the alarm condition to the central control computer running Flash ™ user interface software. The alarm and PPD is displayed to security personnel. Flash ™ is ideal for individuals who work in an environment where their safety could be threatened by physical assault, sudden illness or an accident.


Flash ™ RF sensors are installed in wall or ceiling spaces of the area being provided with Flash ™ coverage.  Both indoor and outdoor areas can be covered.  The PPD contains a radio frequency transmitter and is worn on the user’s belt.  When a user needs assistance, he / she simply presses a button on the PPD which transmits the alarm signal.  Pull-pin and man-down (tilt activated) options can be added.       


The Flash ™ system uses reliable radio frequency technology that alerts security personnel when a staff member is in trouble. Although the PPD is compact, it is powerful enough to send an instantaneous distress signal up to 1 Km (0.6 mi.) when the alarm button is pushed. Sensors in the facility identify the signal and a control room computer displays the PPD’s unique ID number and displays the name of the user or facility to which the device is assigned. Flash ™ is designed to operate in a concrete and metal environment, so building material, smoke, heavy clothing or people will not block the signal. It operates on a licensed frequency within the Public Safety frequency band, and so is protected from interference from other radio signals. PPDs and sensors can be added as required.