Flare ® Personal Emergency Locating System

Company: Fiber Guard (Pty) Ltd

Type: Alarms

To help keep personnel working in high threat environments safe, the Flare ® emergency alarm system instantly sends a call for help at the touch of a button. Flare ® informs security personnel of the precise location of the emergency. When a user raises an alarm by activating his / her Personal Protection Device (PPD) the PPD emits an RF signal that is picked up by Flare ®  sensors installed in walls or ceilings. The Flare ® sensors signal the alarm condition to the central control computer running user interface software which displays the alarm, it’s location and the PPD identification number. Flare ® is ideal for individuals who work in an environment where their safety could be threatened by physical assault, sudden illness or an accident.


XRF receivers are installed in wall or ceiling spaces of the area with Flare ® coverage. Indoor and outdoor areas can be covered. The PPD contains a radio frequency transmitter and is worn on the user’s belt. When a user needs assistance, he / she simply presses a button on the PPD which transmits the alarm signal. Pull-pin and man-down (tilt activated) options are also available.        


The Flare ®  emergency locating system uses a patented radio frequency technology that accurately locates staff, indoors or outdoors, in a room or corridor and resolves locations floor-to-floor. The transmitter is compact and powerful enough to send an instantaneous distress signal when the alarm button is pushed. Receivers in the facility identify the signal and a control room computer displays a detailed site map showing who needs assistance and where. Flare ® operates within the Public Safety frequency band, so interference from other radio signals is not an issue. Flare’s wide range of operating frequencies allows the selection of an appropriate frequency as determined by national and / or site requirements. The receiver’s digital circuitry is controlled by a microprocessor which processes the received RF signals and communicates alarm events to the control computer.           

How it works

Flare ® uses your facility floor plans so that department and area names and room numbers appear on the facility’s main site map and floor plans when one or more alarms are sounded. For a zoomed view of the specific area, security personnel can click on a specific alarm