E-B515 - Board Mount Lens

Company: Eagle CCTV

Type: CCTV

Vari-Focal Board Mount Lenses


  • Format: 1/4â??
  • Focal Length (mm): 6~15
  • Iris Range: F1.6~2.8
  • Horizontal Angle of View: 33.3°~13.5°
  • Weight: 32 g
  • Dimensions (mm): 28.5 x 45.9 (Diam x L)

Our first vari-focal board mount lenses, these two new lenses add an interesting dimension to board mount lens cameras. Previously users of board mount lens cameras had to be content with a choice of fixed board mount lenses. Now customers can purchase a single lens and change the focal length to suit their application. Two models are available. The first lens is the E-B515 which can fit 1/4â?? CCD Cameras and is a 6~15 mm Vari-Focal Lens. Our other new lens is the E-B922 which can fit 1/3â?? CCD Cameras and has a vari-focal 9~22 mm focal length. Both lenses are fixed iris and have an adjustable focus and focal length.