Imperial Armour Cash-in-Transit Bag

Company: Imperial Armour

Type: Cash - Automation/Protection equipment

Product Description

The design of this bag , makes it ideal to Conceal and Protect valuable and cash WHILST IN TRANSIT. Inconspicuous and stylish, manufactured from durable hard wearing nylon material, offers peace of mind in its ability to retrieve hard earned bank deposits and most  valuables, whilst the shock belt prevents detained people from escaping


  • Remote Control Activation Range of 50-100mt
  • The System is armed and disarmed using the key switch
  • A press of either button on the remote will start the Shocker and stop the Shocker
  • An audible alert is heard while the Shocker unit is energised, attracting attention to the thief.
  • Whilst the Voltage is high (2000V), the current available at the output is very small, and will not cause serious harm
  • We electrify not just the straps, but the side panels of the bag as well.
  • Each unit is thoroughly hand tested prior to packaging to ensure reliability.
  • Each shocker unit is constructed inside a tough ABS Plastic box.

Battery Life

  • The System uses a 1.3Ah sealed lead acid battery which is maintained by using the Intelligent battery charger provided and has a life span of 6 hours per charge.
  • The Superior quality of the battery ensures that it can take large current draws over short periods without causing a shortening of the battery life.
  • The battery can be trickled charged continuously without causing a shortening of the battery life, they do not need to be discharged before recharging.