Ballistic Helmet - Sonic 2

Company: Imperial Armour

Type: PPE - Military, PPE - Equipment/Accessories

Product Description

Imperial Armour Sonic 2 Paratac Helmet is a lightweight Ballistic helmet, combining a new design with the most advanced aramid technology. Whilst providing maximum comfort, the helmet ensures excellent  performance to weight ratio.


  • Can be worn for extensive periods of time with superior comfort even in adverse conditions
  • Smooth conformal shape, low bulk and Mass
  • Durable Finish
  • Edge is covered with low profile neoprene rubber extrusion which provides a forgiving and neat finish
  • Comfort pad covered with leather is fitted at the brow for perspiration absorption and comfort.
  • Harness features a crown pad for comfort
  • Nape pad is fully adjustable to accommodate a variety of head lengths.  This also provides added security of fit and resisting roll off during periods of high activity.
  • 3 point chin strap produces optimum retention
  • The helmet incorporates sufficient adjustment to allow for gas masks
  • Adjusters are quick and easy to operate


Available in size large and harness adjusts to accommodate smaller or larger head sizes.


The helmet offers protection up to NIJ Level IIIA.