Ballistic Helmet - PASGT

Company: Imperial Armour

Type: PPE - Military, PPE - Equipment/Accessories

Product Description

Imperial Armour PASGT Helmet is a general purpose helmet for the modern combat soldier.  The PASGT helmet weighs approximately 1.3kg’s and utilises the excellent performance of armaid bound in a thermoplastic resin matrix.  This is the key to achieving an excellent performance to weight ration.


  • Can be worn for extensive periods of time with superior comfort even in adverse conditions
  • Smooth conformal shape, low bulk and Mass
  • Durable Finish
  • Edge is covered with low profile neoprene rubber extrusion which provides a forgiving and neat finish
  • Fully adjustable harness system that can be released and removed.
  • Nape pad is fully adjustable to accommodate a variety of head lengths.  This also provides added security of fit and resisting roll off during periods of high activity.
  • 3 point chin strap produces optimum retention


Available in size Medium and large and harness adjusts to accommodate smaller or larger head sizes.


The helmet offers protection up to NIJ Level IIIA.