Military Overvest

Company: Imperial Armour

Type: PPE - Military, Armour/Armoured

Product Description

The Imperial Armour Military Overvest is a versatile vest with optional Modular system.  The vest is specifically designed to withstand the rigors of military life and, to reduce the risk of fatal injury to the vital parts of the human body particularly the chest and lungs against high velocity bullets, minor demolition and grenade fragmentation.

The vest features a continuous front and rear panel design.  Once donned over the head, the side panels overlap using Velcro fastening under the arms. The Military vest has a large area of ballistic cover to ensure maximum protection.

The Military vest offers full extended protection for the Front, Back, Sides and shoulders,and can offer up to NIJ Level IIIA and Level IV protection with the inclusion of Ceramic Plates.


  • Pockets front and  back for additional Ceramic Plates
  • Adjustable Velcro Closure
  • Full freedom of movement
  • Collar shaped to stand erect, circling the neck without interfering with head movement, gun sights etc
  • Drag handle
  • Optional Neck, Groin and Upper arm protection


The Military vest is available from size small to 4 X- Large and customised for larger sizes.