Flotation Vest

Company: Imperial Armour

Type: Armour/Armoured, PPE - Equipment/Accessories, PPE - Marines

Product Description

The Imperial Armour Flotation Vest is specifically designed for Marine personnel assigned to duty on water and face threats uncommon to Standard Law enforcement or Military personnel.  The Flotation vest is designed to provide a life saving device as well as Ballistic protection.

The Flotation vest is made in two varying styles – a Front opening or Overt vest with front pocket.  Due to the fixed collar the Flotation vest offers permanent buoyancy.

  • Features
  • Removable Ballistic Panels
  • Water resistant outer cover, which is SABS Approved.
  • Water resistant ballistic material enclosed in in water resistant and UV resistant bag.
  • Multi Purpose pockets with compartments for flares, safety lights etc.
  • Full neckline flotation collar with reflective strip which supports the neck and head.
  • Drag handle on back of neck


The flotation vest is available in one size with adjustable straps and buckles on the side.