MSA Responder Fire Goggles

Company: Imperial Armour

Type: PPE - Equipment/Accessories, PPE - Fire/Rescue

Product Description

The ESS Fire Goggles – are standard with fully fitted perimeter vents which drastically reduce fogging, keeps smoke away and repel liquid splashes.  These goggles offer an uncompromised level of safety and performance without sacrificing comfort, optical clarity or impact protection


  • Vent filters are heat resistant
  • NFPA Approved
  • Intended for Wildland fire fighting, rescue and EMS applications
  • Compatiable with Wildland fire equipment
  • Comfortable fit with all standard helmets
  • Extra wide field of view
  • Goggle lenses have high impact resistance
  • One piece wrap around strap with Velcro tab


The Fie goggles are a one size fits all.