First Aid Kit

Company: Imperial Armour

Type: Rescue/Medical/First Aid - Equipment, PPE - Emergency/Rescue

First Aid kits are exactly what the names imply. A compact container used to carry basic First Aid Supplies before further medical attention arrives. First Aid Kits are tailored to specific requirements

Types of First Aid Kits Available:

  • Advanced Life Support Kit
  • Blood Spillage Kit
  • Basic Life Support Kit
  • Car Kit
  • Eyewash station
  • Home and Away kit
  • Mini First Aid Kit
  • Regulation 3 Kit (Conforms to Occupational Health & Safety Act 85/1993)
  • Regulation 7 Kit
  • Restaurant Kit
  • Rugby Kit
  • School Kit
  • Shops and Offices Kit
  • Sportsman’s Kit
  • Trauma First Aid Kit
  • Mining First Aid Kit