Fragmentation Visor

Company: Imperial Armour

Type: PPE - De-mining

Product Description

Large fragmentation visor that is 6mm thick and 546mm long with superior optical quality from sophisticated injection molding methods. Designed to be used for de-mining or any other application where the need for a large fragmentation shield is necessary. Includes ergonomic head suspension that is comfortable to wear and easily adjustable.


  • Special heavy gauge 6mm thick visor provides extra protection from extreme fragmentation applications.
  • Universal ergonomic head suspension along with double ratchet system improves wearers comfort.
  • Face Shield is large for full face protection
  • The shield is a comfortable fit with the head cradle and therefore the user will wear it in the field.
  • The ventilated open design is a popular style for the Humanitarian De-Mining efforts in many countries.
  • Unparalleled fit and function with the double ratchet system. User can easily adjust headgear with one hand, ratchet on top of head and again at the back of the head to give a comfortable fit.
  • Visor consists of high quality polycarbonate
  • Protection against fragmentation and high impact.