Demining Boots

Company: Imperial Armour

Type: Footwear, PPE - De-mining

Product Description

The IMPERIAL ARMOUR Demining boot is made from Smooth, Hydrophobic grain leather and protects against antipersonnel contact mines. The boots can be provided with Drilex / Windtex lining which ensures the boot will be waterproof. The boots are completely metal free and will therefore not produce any false alarms when working with a metal detector.


  • The 1st level of protection in a multi- layered armoured sole which reflects, consumes and allows energy flow throughtout the armour layer, allowing minimal pressure to come through the sole.
  • The 2nd layer of protection is an inner armoured tension insole within the boot.
  • This helps reduce the effect of overpressure incoming to the human body.
  • The 3rd layer of protection is an anti perforation protection which protects against fragmentation up to 2 ½ times more than the required standards.
  • Lastly there is an Anatomic and Antibacterial innersole to absorb threads energy in the heelset – allowing for a less tiring effect for the wearer.