Gas Mask and Canister

Company: Imperial Armour

Type: PPE - Equipment/Accessories, PPE - Anti-Riot

Product Description

The Imperial Armour Gas Mask is a Full face mask designed to be used in conjunction with a filter canister which has a standard screw thread attachment which fits all types of full face masks.  When in use air is inhaled through the canister and then filtered by means of a double filter system. The filter housings are manufactured from a high composite polymer and filled with impregnated activated carbon.The Gas mask is not approved for fire fighting.


  • Excellent face piece to face fit
  • High wearing comfort
  • Good field of vision
  • Good speech transmission due to position of exhalation valve
  • Acrylic lens is specifically scratch resistant
  • Full face mask can be repaired and retained
  • 5 point harness permits quick donning & removal of mask without previous adjustments
  • Each filter is individually vacuumed packed to ensure longevity prior to usage. This serves to maintain the effectiveness of the activated carbon in the filter.