Fire Fighting Hood

Company: Imperial Armour

Type: Fire Protection, PPE - Fire/Rescue

Product Description

The Imperial Armour Fire Fighting Hood is a fire inherent protective hood worn by fire fighters when their helmet does not provide built in protection for the ears, neck and parts of the face. The hood is designed to protect all parts of the head and face that is not covered by a SCBA mask and fire fighting helmet.


  • Constructed from 100% Fire inherent Nomex knit
  • Most often the hood is made from double ply fabric with one seam running from the top centre of the face opening over the top and down to the bottom of the bib.
  • The hood is initially tucked into the collar, the SCBA mask is then donned and the hood pulled over the face seal to cover any exposed skin
  • The Fire fighting hood meets NFPA Standards


Natural and Black


The Fire Fighting Hood is a one size fits all garment