Breathing Apparatus

Company: Imperial Armour

Type: PPE - Fire/Rescue

 Product Description

The Imperial Fire – SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus) or sometimes referred to as a CABA (Compressed Air Breathing Apparatus) or more simply just a BA (Breathing Apparatus) is a device worn by Rescue workers and Fire fighters to provide breathable air in an IDLH (Immediate Danger to Life and Health) atmosphere.

The term self-contained means that the breathing set is not dependant on a remote supply.


An SCBA typically has 3 main components all connected together and mounted to a carrying frame.
A high pressure tank (e.g. 2200psi – 4500psi)
A pressure regulator
An inhalation connection (mouthpiece, mouth mask or face mask)

There are 2 kinds of SCBA:

A closed circuit SCBA – which is ideal when a longer duration supply of breathing gas is needed e.g. mine rescue or in long tunnels.  This is because this type of SCBA filters supplements and re-circulates exhaled gases.

An open circuit SCBA – This BA is filled with filtered compressed air rather than pure Oxygen.  A typical open circuit SCBA has 2 regulators.  A first stage to reduce the pressure of air to allow it to be carried to the mask and a 2nd stage regulator to reduce it even further to a level just above standard atmospheric pressure.  This air is then fed to the mask via either a demand valve (activating only on inhalation) or a continuous positive pressure value (providing constant air flow to the mask)