1. High court stubs out Fita bid

    Date: 27 Jun 2020
    THE buying and selling of tobacco products remain forbidden as it is not essential. The Gauteng High Court, Pretoria, yesterday afternoon turned down the application by the Fair Trade Tobacco Association (Fita) to the government’s ban on the sale of tobacco products. The full bench, headed by Judge President Dunstan Mlambo, said: “By their very nature, natural disast... See full details

  2. Here are the relaxed lockdown rules, as from Monday

    Date: 27 Jun 2020
    <img class="img-responsive" src="" alt="Here are the... See full details

  3. Govt welcomes judgments on cigarette ban, NCCC

    Date: 26 Jun 2020
    Government is appealing to all citizens to continue taking steps to protect themselves and others. Government welcomes the judgments by the Gauteng and Western Cape High Courts that dismissed both challenges related to the Disaster Management Act and its regulations, the Government Communications and Information Systems (GCIS) says ... See full details

  4. Govt refutes BAT’s implication it delayed tobacco ban hearing

    Date: 26 Jun 2020
    The comments by the firm&rsquo;s spokesperson in the media that the government is the cause of the delay in the hearing are incorrect, the GCIS said in a statement. Government does not have control over the scheduling of court hearings, and it did not attempt to exercise any such control in this case, the Government Communication an... See full details

  5. Lockdown regulations are justified, high court rules

    Date: 26 Jun 2020
    <img class="img-responsive" src="" alt="Lockdown regulations are justi... See full details

  6. Battle for virus-hit hospital

    Date: 26 Jun 2020
    AS THE country&rsquo;s Covid-19 infections pass the 100 000 mark, staff at Tembisa Hospital in Ekurhuleni are grappling with the unprecedented influx of patients who end up sleeping in chairs and corridors due to the dire bed shortage. The hospital is one of the three state hospitals that are treating Covid-19 patients in Gauteng. There are fears that the current situation will deterior... See full details

  7. Malema allows journalists to confront him on VBS

    Date: 26 Jun 2020
    &nbsp; EFF leader Julius Malema. EFF LEADER Julius Malema has described the string of allegations of criminality against him and the EFF&rsquo;s leadership as a deliber... See full details

  8. Family say farewell to murdered toddler

    Date: 26 Jun 2020
    JOHANNA Nyanjani, the mother of Ansia Kheha, is comforted by Arminda Machel during the funeral service. IT WAS a sombre and cold morning in Orange Farm yesterday as family and friends of 3-year-old A... See full details

  9. SA failed its pupils during pandemic – UN report

    Date: 25 Jun 2020
    <img class="img-responsive" src="" alt="SA failed its pupils duri... See full details

  10. I’ve never laundered money, under-fire Bridgette Motsepe-Radebe says

    Date: 23 Jun 2020
    It is unfortunate that AfriForum has decided to repeat baseless allegations against me which I have already demonstrated to be false, 6 months ago,&rsquo; she said in a statement. South African businesswoman Bridgette Motsepe-Radebe, whose name was cleared by South African banks of allegations that she illegally moved money to Botsw... See full details

  11. Jacob Zuma and Thales back in court on corruption charges

    Date: 23 Jun 2020
    Zuma and co-accused, French arms company Thales, face 16 charges of fraud, corruption, money laundering and racketeering linked to the multi-billion Rand 1999 Arms Deal. Former president Jacob Zuma is back in the Pietermaritzburg High Court today for his corruption trial. Both Zuma and co-accused French arms company, Thales,... See full details

  12. One man killed, two seriously injured in Durban drive-by shooting

    Date: 22 Jun 2020
    <img class="img-responsive" src="" alt="One man killed, two seriou... See full details

  13. Court orders ‘Gupta fixer’ Kuben Moodley to hand over R232m in assets

    Date: 22 Jun 2020
    ID head Hermione Cronje, who brought the application, contended that Moodley&rsquo;s assets form part of a criminal investigation linked to Regiments Capital advisory services to Transnet. The Investigating Directorate (ID), which is part of the Office of the NDPP, was awarded a restraint order worth R232 million against Kubenthera... See full details

  14. Philippi teen, 17, brutally murdered

    Date: 22 Jun 2020
    ATTACKS on young women and children continue to spike &ndash; the latest incident being the murder of 17-year-old Amahle&rsquo;s Quku from Philippi. The last time Amahle&rsquo;s parents saw her alive was when she was rushing to finish chores as she was going to visit friends on Friday. The Philippi family saw the teen&rsquo;s naked body, and messages of condolence trending on Fa... See full details

  15. Mother tells of her little girl’s murder

    Date: 22 Jun 2020
    The 3-year-old may have been a victim of ritual killing, police insider reveals THE MURDERED 3-year-old girl found with her throat slit &ndash; becoming one of the latest victims of gender-based violence &ndash; has been identified as a Mozambican who had just arrived in South Africa.</... See full details

  16. Institute for Security Studies calls for strict alcohol regulations to tackle violent crime

    Date: 22 Jun 2020
    President Cyril Ramaphosa highlighted that violent crime had increased since this month&rsquo;s Level 3 when the liquor ban was lifted. The Institute for Security Studies (ISS) has called for targeted strategies, including stringent alcohol regulation, to tackle the scourge of violent crime, and suggested professional help for those... See full details

  17. Woman arrested for murdering her boyfriend in Pretoria

    Date: 21 Jun 2020
    The victim&rsquo;s brother became suspicious when he could not reach him on the phone. Police have arrested a 22-year old woman for the murder of a 36-year-old man in Tshwane. &ldquo;After not being able to reach the deceased on his phone, a relative on the night of 18 June 2020 went to check on him at his place of residence... See full details

  18. SAPS ‘must change approach’ (Part 1)

    Date: 20 Jun 2020
    &nbsp;GERHARDUS Jansen van Vuuren during a court appearance in South Africa following the murder of Andrea Venter. DRIES Venter has waited seven years for justice, to see the man accused of killing his daughter back in court. And yesterday the world learnt that the widower would finally get his wish. Gerhardus Jansen van Vuuren, one of South Africa&rsquo;s most wanted men, and w... See full details

  19. SAPS ‘must change approach’ (Part 2)

    Date: 20 Jun 2020
    ../news/44152B/Fwd fm Part 1&nbsp;&nbsp; During the three-month national lockdown, the SAPS has been accused of being heavy-handed as they cajoled a traumatised nation into obeying a whole new set of regulations to halt the spread of Covid-19. South Africa&rsquo;s case is not unique, however. A... See full details

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