1. NPA may look into arms deal

    Date: 10 Jul 2006
    The Scorpions are considering a request by the Democratic Alliance (DA) to investigate allegations raised in the German publication Der Spiegel regarding the arms deal. The DA asked the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) to contact its German counterpart to establish the nature of the allegations against South African government representatives with regard to the purchase of four corvettes fr... See full details

  2. New controversial exposé -

    Date: 09 Jul 2006
    A recently opened South African website on crime is hoping to bring lots of exposure on the soaring crime and ongoing daily battle that all South Africans are currently facing. The website gives a ‘no-holes-barred’ exposure to all those who wish to make their voices heard. By webmaster 09/07/06 See full details

  3. 'Massive explosion' in drug-rapes

    Date: 07 Jul 2006
    Drug rapes have “exploded” in Pretoria, with 30 attacks being reported in the past three weeks. And, in a new development, sex attacks against men are said to have increased. According to a private investigator; worse is yet to come, as the situation spiralled out of control. The dramatic increase in drug rapes, revealed by trauma counsellors and a private investigator, has sparked fears... See full details

  4. ‘They stole R75 000 from my bank account’

    Date: 05 Jul 2006
    Banks tighten security after hackers’ internet swiping spree It took just two days for hackers to turn 73-year-old Gillian Bickell’s world upside down. In a matter of hours, fraudsters were able to hack into Bickell’s Absa Internet account and wipe out more than R75 000 from her business and personal account, leaving the Joburg grandmother “total broke”. She is just one of a growin... See full details

  5. Nqakula to unveil anti-crime plan

    Date: 05 Jul 2006
    Safety and Security Minister Charles Nqakula will on Friday reveal plans to fight the recent violent crime wave after meeting high-ranking government officials and top police heads. The scheduled meeting is a follow-up to the “off-limits” conference this week, when Nqakula met police management to discuss the recent crime trends and come up with a comprehensive response to combat it. Minist... See full details

  6. Security firm looking into cases of strike misconduct by employees

    Date: 05 Jul 2006
    Fidelity Springbok Security Service has denied that it is refusing to re-employ security officers who went on strike. Fidelity legal counsel Hennie Myburgh yesterday denied that retailer Makro in Centurion, Tshwane, wrote to his company. It is understood Makro made it clear in correspondence to the security company that it did not want officers involved in the strike back at their posts beca... See full details

  7. Eye in sky on crime

    Date: 05 Jul 2006
    Through the latest technology in crime prevention systems, criminals can now be sure their every move will be detected. The International Security Consultations and Advanced Implementations (Scai) company recently launched it state-of-the-art signalling, monitoring and tracking devices in South Africa, which is under siege by daily violence as well as petty crime. According to Scai managing ... See full details

  8. Hackers hit bank accounts

    Date: 04 Jul 2006
    Internet client looks on in despair as cash disappears A South African Internet user watched in horror as her bank account dwindled in front of her eyes – the latest victim of hackers who have penetrated banking protection. In the past month, fraudsters have gained access to the online accounts of clients from First National Bank, Standard and Absa, and stolen thousands of rands. T... See full details

  9. Another policeman shot dead as Nqakula and brass discuss crime

    Date: 04 Jul 2006
    As yet another policeman was slain yesterday, Safety and Security Minister Charles Nqakula announced that he will round up his nine provincial heads at the end of the week to continue discussing the country’s crime. This follows yesterday’s meeting during which Nqakula met with the police’s top brass, including National Commissioner Perumal Naidoo, to speak about recent crime trends. Althoug... See full details

  10. SA defends arms policy

    Date: 04 Jul 2006
    The South African government is not retarding the implementation of global rules for the small arms trade, said director of disarmament and non-proliferation in the Department of Foreign Affairs, Titi Molaba yesterday. Molaba was defending the government’s position at the United Nations Small Arms Review Conference in New York. She said the government’s National Conventional Arms Control Com... See full details

  11. Gangsters send loot to Zim: claim

    Date: 03 Jul 2006
    The Zimbabwean link to the spate of armed robberies in Gauteng has surfaced again. The Citizen revealed in a front page article on January 21 under the heading “Zim Raiders!” that a trained military gang of Zimbabweans was believed to be responsible for robberies at casinos, shopping centres and cash-in-transit heists. A private investigator, who spoke to The Citizen on condition of anonymit... See full details


    Date: 30 Jun 2006
    Police urged to fight fire with fire No mercy where no mercy is shown. That was the grim message from Gauteng MEC for Community Safety Firoz Cachalia as policemen and politicians united to honour the victims of the Jeppe massacre and warn criminals that a turning point had been reached. He was speaking at an emotional memorial service for the four slain policemen. Earlier a furi... See full details

  13. Public backing for elite unit

    Date: 30 Jun 2006
    A survey among more than 2 000 people across the country shows that citizens don’t want the elite crime fighting unit, the Scorpions, to be part of the SAPS. The survey conducted by Research Surveys shows that, in metropolitan areas, 62% of people feel that the Scorpions should be separate from the police, while 26% disagreed and 11% replied, “I don’t know.” Coloured people, 70% of them in t... See full details

  14. Scorpions stay under NPA

    Date: 30 Jun 2006
    The Scorpions are to remain under the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA), but a component of the Directorate of Special Operations (DSO) will report to the Safety and Security Minister. Director-General in the Presidency Frank Chikane said the Cabinet had approved this recommendation of the Khampepe Commission. The commission, which was headed by Judge Sisi Khampepe, was appointed to recom... See full details

  15. Cabinet worried as crime soars

    Date: 30 Jun 2006
    The Cabinet has expressed concern at the involvement of foreigners in the recent spate of violent crimes. But, ministers were also concerned with crime in general – irrespective of who committed the deed, government spokesman Themba James Maseko said yesterday. “We should not make the mistake of assuming that only non-South Africans are involved in crime. South African citizens are also inv... See full details

  16. SA hangover costs R20 billion a year

    Date: 30 Jun 2006
    Alcohol is the primary drug of abuse in South Africa, and the impact of this on the economy is around R20 billion each year. This is according to David Bayever, chairman of the Central Drug Authority and pharmacist at the Wits Department of Pharmacy and Pharmacology. Aside from being a gateway substance to other drugs, the most harrowing effect of alcohol use was its tendency to induce risky... See full details

  17. Goat-torture cops go free

    Date: 30 Jun 2006
    No prosecution, rules State Policemen who ritually slaughtered a goat using a blunt butter knife, and hacked at its genitals while it was alive in an attempt to “cleanse” a Cape Town police station of “evil spirits”, will not be prosecuted by the State. Yesterday advocate Jacobus Niehaus, of the Western Cape Directorate of Public Prosecutions, told the Citizen a decision had been taken on Ju... See full details

  18. City of Blood

    Date: 29 Jun 2006
    Johannesburg’s streets are tainted with blood as one scene of violence follows the next. The city has seen several vicious shootouts in the past week, which have left residents living in fear with the bloody streets resembling a war zone. Calls have poured in for the government to address the crime issue, which many callers felt is spiralling out of control. Top officials including the ... See full details

  19. SAA’s step to stop pilfering welcomed

    Date: 29 Jun 2006
    Passengers travelling with South African Airways (SAA) are set to experience an era of no baggage pilfering. The airline yesterday introduced their newest innovation set to stop pilfering from July 1: all baggage will be wrapped in plastic before being loaded onto planes. The wrapping system, which will be installed at the Johannesburg International Airport domestic terminals first, is aimed... See full details

  20. McBride tackles Metro 40

    Date: 29 Jun 2006
    The Chief of the Ekurhuleni Metro Police Department (EMPD), Robert McBride, has acted sternly against his own officers for alleged disruptive behaviour. McBride told The Citizen yesterday he has instituted disciplinary action against more that 40 of his members for disruptive behaviour and insubordination. He said EMPD members of the SA Municipal Workers’ Union (Samwu) embarked on a go-slow ... See full details

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