1. SAU and UAE sign pact to fight crime

    Date: 26 Apr 2006
    Police co-operation between South Africa and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been formalised via a memorandum of understanding (MOU). It will cover organised crime, human trafficking, economic crimes, money laundering, illegal trafficking of drugs and firearms. This is the nub of the memorandum signed in Pretoria yesterday. To give effect to the MOU, both governments have agreed to exc... See full details

  2. Crooks turn to new crimes as car theft becomes tough

    Date: 11 Apr 2006
    Study suggests robbers are seeking softer targets Police have made great strides in cracking down on car theft and hijacking, reducing them by 22% between 1996 and 2004. However, their hard work together with the increase in tracking devices and tighter car registration controls, might have driven car thieves into other crimes. Robberies have increased by 10% a year over the same period o... See full details

  3. Private guards are cutting crime rates

    Date: 11 Apr 2006
    There are more than two private security guards for every police officer in crime-ridden South Africa, and the ratio is widening, according to the Institute of Race Relations. The figures, published in the institute’s annual SA Survey, showed a 150% increase in the number of private security guards since 1997 – a period which saw a decline of 2.2% in the police force. It said in 2005 there w... See full details

  4. Violence mars security strike

    Date: 24 Mar 2006
    Security employers’ worst fears were realised yesterday as violence erupted across the country during the private security industry strike. The SA National Security Employers’ Association (Sansea) said in a statement its fears of a repeat of the intimidation and violence during the 2000-2001 strike were realised. “Attendance varied in the different areas from 100% to 80% in the worst hit par... See full details

  5. New anti-spam service on offer

    Date: 24 Mar 2006
    A new anti-spam SMS service has been welcomed by cellphone owners pestered by unwanted SMS advertising. “It is frustrating to receive SMS spam without knowing how to stop it. Spam Stop will achieve tangible results for consumers,” CEO of Mira Networks Sean Conde said. Cellphone users fed up with receiving spam can now SMS the number that has been spamming them to 32335 and Mira Networks wil... See full details

  6. Smash and grab cases growing, warn experts

    Date: 23 Mar 2006
    Smash and grab attacks on South African motorists are increasing say glass fitting and insurance companies. Their figures show an average of 25 smashed windows a day are replaced in Durban alone. Last year in Pretoria 13 198 cases of theft out of motor vehicles were reported. “Statistics aside, what’s even more frightening is the fact that these smash and grabbers prey mainly on women,” s... See full details

  7. Housing scams shocker

    Date: 22 Mar 2006
    The Auditor General has uncovered housing fraud involving more than R300 million in irregular subsidies. A January report on approval and allocation of housing subsidies at provincial housing departments has found just on 4% or 53 426, were either irregularly or fraudulently granted. “Housing Minister Lindiwe Sisulu must tell Parliament how she intends to deal with this shameful situation,” ... See full details

  8. Gun Owners win re-licence battle

    Date: 28 Feb 2006
    South African gun owners and collectors can claim a moral victory following publication of the Firearms Control Act Amendment Bill. The original Act called for re-licensing of existing licences. But the amendment makes provision for an audit. The audit of licences and firearms, subject to certain conditions and time frames, will replace the re-licensing process. Other proposals in the am... See full details

  9. Beware of cheque scam

    Date: 28 Feb 2006
    A new crime syndicate is committing cheque fraud by printing and issuing to the public fake Absa Bank cheques with an Absa Bank head office account number on it. The fraudsters’ modus operandi is to send third parties to purchase goods before the close of business, but after banking hours. The seller often releases the goods to the fraudster based on the fact that the words “bank cheque” app... See full details

  10. Online fake degree scam

    Date: 24 Feb 2006
    A new wave of fake degrees has hit South Africa backed by a major e-mail campaign. The e-mails are said to come from a man named Bernard Alison and promise “a genuine university degree in two weeks”. It also clearly states that no study is required for a variety of degrees from a BA to MBA and even PhD degrees. The e-mails, originating from a “university” based in the United States, claim... See full details

  11. Credit card Fraud

    Date: 20 Feb 2006
    Shock as three banks confirm that block credit cards can be used. Conversion process could result in fraud dropping by 80% and courts are also imposing harsher sentences on transgressors Most credit card holders take comfort in the idea that if their cards are stolen, they will be able to stop the thief from going on fraudulent shopping sprees. But, as a Jo'burg doctor recently discovered... See full details

  12. Most common scams being used

    Date: 20 Feb 2006
    1. Account take-over If fraudsters or fraud syndicates are able to access your personal information, they do not even need your credit card. They simply phone your bank or credit card company and change your address information. They will then report your current card lost and request that a new card be issued. The card is then sent to the new address, or they receive information o... See full details

  13. Now they want your pic's

    Date: 09 Feb 2006
    The Metro Police are now inviting people to send them photographs and video clips of their officers breaking the law. And last night the SA Law Society said it had been flooded with complaints over Metro police actions. The society had decided to take the matter up with the Minister of Safety and Security. Ministry spokesman Trevor Bloom said no complaints had been brought as yet, and he ha... See full details

  14. Criminal misconduct cost R120 million

    Date: 09 Feb 2006
    Unauthorised, irregular, wasteful expenditure and losses resulting from criminal misconduct by various government departments and provinces totalled more than R120 million in the 2005/6 financial year, the Public Service Commission (PSC) said yesterday. PSC deputy chairman John Ernstzen said not all departments had indicated the costs of financial misconduct. The amount reported was R120 497 7... See full details

  15. Stolen guaranteed cheques a big problem

    Date: 09 Feb 2006
    Problems with stolen “bank guaranteed” cheques appear to be fairly widespread, if the response by readers to a story in The Citizen on Monday is anything to go by. A number of people have contacted the paper following publication of the difficulties a Pretoria businessman had with a bank-guaranteed cheque. Three people said they had accepted bank-guaranteed cheques, only to be told when pres... See full details

  16. Blow as witnesses are to be left unprotected

    Date: 06 Feb 2006
    The country’s witness protection programme will be dismantled at the end of the month. The 85 specially trained police officers tasked with guarding about 250 witnesses and their families in the nine provinces are to return to normal duties within the SA Police Service on March 1. While they have been responsible for the protection of witnesses, the programme is in fact one of the responsibi... See full details

  17. Radical review of prisons on the cards

    Date: 02 Feb 2006
    Parliament's correctional services committee will push for a radical review of prison rules and prisoners' privileges in a bid to reduce escapes and clamp down on rogue officials. Chairperson of the national assembly's committee on correctional services Dennis Bloem said this yesterday after slack security in prisons was pin-pointed as the cause of most escapes and attempted escapes which often... See full details

  18. Pro-gun body wants Act repealed

    Date: 26 Jan 2006
    The official launch of pro-gun organisation Gun Owners of South Africa will take place in the Western Cape today. Although the formal launch takes place today, Gosa has been in operation since 2004 opposing the government’s “stated intent of public disarmament: It was formed with the sole intention of having the Firearms Control Act of 2000 repealed. Gosa has slammed the Act, calling it “fa... See full details

  19. Farmers form support circles

    Date: 26 Jan 2006
    Farmers in Limpopo are mobilising into “support circles” to improve security, in response to the high number of farm murders and the disbanding of commandos. Transvaal Agricultural Union (TAU) North chairman Dries Joubert said 17 of these groups had been established in the Mokopane (Potgietersrus) area. “The purpose is wider than just security, and our wide range of training courses includes... See full details

  20. Keep your gun - expert

    Date: 22 Jan 2006
    One of the most senior prosecutors in the country, Advocate John Welch, has told The Citizen he does not believe the new Firearms Control Act give police the right to take away firearms licences granted in terms of old firearms laws. Under the new Firearms Control Act - which came into effect this year - all gun owners have to re-licence their firearms and to do so must pass a rigorous competen... See full details

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