Date: 20 May 2005
    Phishing Spree Hits SA Banks Cyber criminals have struck at the heart of South African commerce with a vengeance. Spam is clogging the Internet for South African users, with a 300% overload reported at the weekend, while big banks in the past few days have been beset by "phishing" fraudsters snatching account details from unsuspecting clients. The spam attack has flooded SA's Inter... See full details

  2. Robbery Now a Career

    Date: 18 May 2005
    Violent crime and violent criminals are now being categorised in society as a “profession”. According to a study issued by the Consumer Goods Council of South Africa (CGCSA), a lot of planning precedes an armed robbery. Director of the Crime Prevention Programme launched by the CGCSA, Michael Broughton, said the many armed robberies from 2003 to 2004 had caused the loss of more than R15m in ... See full details

  3. UN Report on Africa's Crime and Development

    Date: 18 May 2005
    Crime Slows Africa's Development: UN The united Nations office on Drugs and Crime released a report on crime and development in Africa yesterday in Pretoria. The report, "Why Fighting Crime can assist Development in Africa", has been prepared for the Africa Round Table on Drugs and Crime in Africa to be held in Addis Abba on May 30 and 31. It shows crime, especially corruption, is ... See full details

  4. Bogus e-mail: FNB Warns Clients

    Date: 18 May 2005
    First National Bank (FNB) yesterday issued a warning to customers after claims of a bogus e-mail seeking to defraud unsuspecting clients. The bank established a fraudulent e-mail is in circulation, attempting to collect customers' Internet banking details via a "spoof" website. FNB discovered the e-mail scam yesterday, and the initial investigation showed the website was hosted outside of SA... See full details

  5. Drivers with Illegal Licences Warned

    Date: 18 May 2005
    People who obtained their driving licences illegally might one day receive a letter from the authorities asking them to explain how they "earned" the right to drive. Wendy Watson, the chief director of road transport regulation in the Department of Transport, said on Monday their new computerised system meant every single licence issued could be easily checked for fraud. This meant that, even ... See full details

  6. Fraudulent Licenses

    Date: 16 May 2005
    Licence Fraud Reprieve Mooted An envisaged amnesty period for people with irregularly issued driver’s licences and for whistle-blowers on corrupt licensing officials could win the war against licence fraud, road safety experts have said. This could happen within months, they said yesterday. The estimated 2,5million drivers with illegal licences could be asked who the corrupt offici... See full details

  7. Identity Theft on the Increase

    Date: 15 May 2005
    Fraud in South Africa has increased by 15%, according to the South African Fraud Prevention Services (SAFPS). According to the service, from March last year to April, 1940 cases of identity theft and impersonation had been reported, involving a total of more than R6.7m. The executive director of SAFPS, Pat Cunningham, unveiled statistics indicating a marked increase in fraud - and in fraud s... See full details

  8. FF+ Prepared to Test Gun Laws in Court

    Date: 15 May 2005
    The Freedom Front Plus is considering testing the new gun laws in the Constitutional Court. "The law creates a direct form of expropriation for some gun owners. Legal firearms suddenly become illegal in terms of the new law,: said the party's Pieter Groenewald. "Legal gun owners have to hand in their firearms without compensation. According to us, this is a contravention of Article 25 of t... See full details

  9. Want to help make a difference?

    Date: 09 May 2005
    Walk Against Crime in Jhb The Christian Democratic Party (CDP) has called on the people of Johannesburg to join its members on a Walk Against Crime. CDP federal leader Rudi du Plooy said: "The Walk Against Crime will be a 5km walk, and take place on August 6 in the morning. "The start will be at the NG Kerk Horison-North, Corner Hawk and Crane streets, Horison North. Participants ... See full details

  10. Daylight Robberies!!

    Date: 06 May 2005
    Robbers Switching to 'soft' Store Targets Armed gangs are targeting supermarket chains across Gauteng with military precision. Owners believe they are sitting ducks for the gangs, which at times number up to 18 members. Kenny Fihla, the chief executive officer of Business Against Crime, agrees, saying there has been a significant shift away from bank robberies to these "softer" tar... See full details

  11. Virus Warning

    Date: 05 May 2005
    Vicious PC 'Worm' Virus Spreading Fast A new computer virus has been detected that could prove to be the most serious threat to PC users this year. The latest variant of the virulent Sober virus is infecting computers worldwide. More than 100 000 infected e-mails have been collected internationally in the past 24hrs by anti-virus onslaught of the year. The Sober.O worm (also Si... See full details

  12. SIRA

    Date: 05 May 2005
    Security body has Office in Johannesburg The Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (Sira) opened new offices in Johannesburg on Tuesday 3rd May. The office was established to ease the congestion of applications at the Pretoria Head Office. Gauteng has the largest concentration of private security businesses in the country, with 1890 registered for operation in the provinc... See full details

  13. You thought South Africa was bad - read on!

    Date: 25 Apr 2005
    Urban Violence in Brazil in XXI Century There is no doubt that the biggest social problem of this country, in the last years, has been the huge increase of violence and the failure of the Federal Government in providing security to the society. We will present data here that will illustrate of an objective and clear manner the true picture of lack of security that hangs on our coun... See full details

  14. Blacklisting your Stollen/Lost Cellphone

    Date: 15 Apr 2005
    To help rid the country of cellphone theft and senseless crime please report your stollen or lost cellphones to the police and the following contact numbers for blacklisting: Cell C: 140 toll-free from any Cell C number or 084 140 from a landline. MTN: 0831173 or 083 1808 from a landline or any other non-MTN phone. 173 (general/prepaid from an MTN phone or 808 (contract... See full details

  15. Crime in the Police Force

    Date: 05 Apr 2005
    Disturbing reports regarding police corruption and fraud in the country have caused some citizens to describe the SAPS as "a huge bluff". This is in light of the number of complaints regarding police services, as well as the role the SAPS fulfil in the prevention of crime. Despite the statistics crime is seen to be on the increase, and more and more police are turning to crime. According ... See full details

  16. Boom Gates 'Polarise us'

    Date: 16 Mar 2005
    Releasing its report on boom gates and road closures, the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) said the commission was of the view these measures cause social divisions, dysfunctional cities and lead to the further polarisation of societies. However, Janine Carstensen, consultant from Safety Zone in Edenvale, who advises communities about safety and security, said representations were ... See full details

  17. Beware of Hijackers using life like Dolls

    Date: 19 Feb 2005
    A new approach of hijacking vehicles has been used by placing a doll/dummie on the road while the hijackers lay in wait for an unsuspecting motorist. See full details

  18. S.A. World Beater - Fraud Combat System

    Date: 11 Feb 2005
    ROODEPOORT - A locally based company now has the worldwide patent rights to host an international data base, backed with a high-tech barcoding system to track the movement of any product globally. This system, developed over the past six years by Industrial Fingerprinting Solutions (IFS) will be put into use to combat fraud, theft and illegal imports globally. Daan Davies and his team explai... See full details

  19. Conmen posing as Company Directors

    Date: 10 Feb 2005
    A new scam, has come to light after two Johannesburg companies realised their board of directors had been replaced by conmen. Although none of the directors of CTP Printers and Publishers, the company that runs The Citizen, or corporate communications company Ince have in fact resigned, the records of the Registrar of Companies have been changed to show their entire boards have been replaced. ... See full details

  20. ATM Pin Scams

    Date: 10 Feb 2005
    Apart from being suspicious about the notes spitting out of an ATM, people should also become alarmed when ATM's repeatedly request their PIN numbers. What happens is a thin, clear, rigid plastic sleeve is inserted into the ATM card slots. When a card is inserted the ATM cannot read the magnetic strip which results in repeated requests for the PIN. Those perpetrating the scam watch froma ... See full details

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