1. Beware of Phoney Colleges, warns DTI

    Date: 01 Aug 2005
    The Department of Trade and Industry has issued a warning about what it calls “fly-by-night” educational institutions taking advantage of vulnerable people. In a consumer alert the department identifies these institutions as not being registered with the industry sector training authority, the Department of Education or “other relevant body” as institutions of learning. “They mislead prospec... See full details

  2. Details of Cyber Attack on SA Bank A/c's Revealed

    Date: 01 Aug 2005
    On the morning of May 19, South Africans around the country began receiving e-mails, purporting to have been sent by Standard Bank. If they were customers of Standard Bank, the e-mail asked them to click on a website, where they would be urged to update their banking details. It was a classic “phishing” attack – as well as South Africa’s first major experience of the phenomenon – and involve... See full details

  3. Rape Alert in Boksburg

    Date: 27 Jul 2005
    Ramaphos informal settlement in Boksburg has been declared a danger zone, where women are to be on the alert at all times. This , according to the spokesman for the Reiger Park SAPS, Sasa Lengene, is because of a spate of gang rapes in the area. “We are experiencing a sharp rise in rapes in Ramaphosa,” she said. “Many of these involve more than one perpetrator, usually armed with a knife or... See full details

  4. Hijackings in Early Morning

    Date: 27 Jul 2005
    Soweto police have warned drivers to be more vigilant and expressed their concern over a number of hijackings in Soweto over the past weekend. Three people were robbed of their vehicles at gunpoint after dark. The early morning hours seem to be the most dangerous. Two men and a woman are known to have fallen prey to the gunmen targeting motorists. In one incident, a man was robbed of h... See full details

  5. Forewarned is Forearmed

    Date: 27 Jul 2005
    Don’t get robbed, Police Warn Diners Boksburg North police appealed to diners to keep personal belonging out of view in restaurants. Diners “simply place their handbags on the floor or hang them from the back of their chair”, said Sergeant Nicka Velthuysen. “By placing personal belongings in plain sight people are at risk of being robbed,” he said. Cell phones should not be placed on t... See full details

  6. Watch your Tail!

    Date: 27 Jul 2005
    Robbers Tail Shoppers Police have warned that robbers are tailing victims from retail stores and banks. Norwood Pick’n Pay customers had reported being tailed and these and other specific cases were being addressed urgently, police said. “Drastic steps have been taken to address this problem,” said Sergeant Sanku Tsunke. “The situation is not out of control and an Intervention Unit has b... See full details

  7. Banks ‘are Not Helping'

    Date: 27 Jul 2005
    Consumers are increasingly warned about fraudulent banking transactions, but a Pretoria-based not-for-profit website believes banks and the police are “doing very little” about the situation. Founder of Christopher Riley said he lodged several complaints with banks about fraudulent activities. “Recently a fraudulent company was fleecing people out of money. I warned the ba... See full details

  8. Metro Police Arrest Another Officer

    Date: 27 Jul 2005
    Johannesburg Metropolitan Police (JMPD) yesterday arrested yet another of their corrupt patrolmen and his civilian accomplice. “Since December, the JMPD has already arrested 66 of its members for corruption. That proves how serious the JMPD is taking this evil,” Senior Superintendent Way Minnaar said last night. He said the JMPD Internal Affairs Unit and the Organised Crime Unit of the SAP... See full details

  9. Criminals Living in Secure Areas

    Date: 27 Jul 2005
    Residential security complexes are not only for those wanting to protect themselves from the criminal element – “crime masterminds” are using them as a base for their nefarious business. Pretoria police spokesman Captain Piletji Sebola said investigations and the recovery of stolen electrical appliances and vehicles worth “hundreds of thousands” in Centurion and Pretoria East over the past few ... See full details

  10. Firearm Control in SA is failing dismally – DA

    Date: 27 Jul 2005
    Firearm control in South Africa is failing dismally says the DA, and it has official government statistics to back its claim. Party spokesman on safety and security Roy Jankielsohn gave the example of the Free State, where 518 applications for renewals of firearm licences were received by the end of June and none had yet been processed. When it came to new applications 27 were received and o... See full details

  11. A Cry from the Heart

    Date: 27 Jul 2005
    Stop Baby Dumping! The only way to stop mothers from dumping their babies is for the public to report suspects, say police. They are appealing to people to come forward with information that could assist in their investigations. “We are also looking for anyone who may be sick or suffering from the side-effects of a home-based abortion.” Cap Pienaar warned that the police would not de... See full details

  12. Shock Forecast on Freed Felons

    Date: 18 Jul 2005
    About 70% of offenders released from prisons since June will land up back in jail. This unequivocal statement was made by Professor Charl Cillers, of Unisa's Criminology Department specialising in penology. He reacted after a statement by the Department of Correctional Services, in which it called on offenders and their families to intensify efforts to keep re-offending levels down. The d... See full details

  13. DA Launch Anti-Kidnap Campaign

    Date: 13 Jul 2005
    The Democratic Alliance yesterday launched a campaign aimed at eradicating child abduction in S.Africa. Party spokesman Mike Waters said they approached chief executives of cellphone companies, radio stations and retail chains to request a meeting "to discuss our proposals on combating child abduction". Water said the DA's campaign aimed to introduce a range of measures. "The first few ho... See full details

  14. Old News?

    Date: 07 Jul 2005
    Hijacking Made Easy Repentant Car Hijacker explains how it is done – Star Thursday August 12 2004: Rashid Bin Salim (28) stole and hijacked cars for more than 14 years before deciding to go straight. Now he is a struggling fashion designer who presents motivational talks at schools in Orange Farm, south of Joburg, discouraging youngsters from doing crime. He spoke to Denis Droppa ab... See full details

  15. Africa Hurt by Crime - UN

    Date: 28 Jun 2005
    Crime in Africa is driving business away, eroding human, economic and social capital and undermining development, a study by the United Nations (UN) anti-crime organisation has found. The study, which for the first time draws a comprehensive picture of criminal activities on the continent along with the global impact and possible remedies, expresses hope that African countries can defeat crime ... See full details

  16. State Flouts Law on Guns - FF Plus

    Date: 28 Jun 2005
    The Freedom Front Plus (FF+) has accused the government of contravening the Constitution and gun laws by refusing to compensate gun owners who lose their weapons to the state through new legislation. Safety and Security Minister Charles Nqakula indicated in Parliament he would not compensate legal gun owners for the loss of their weapons when licences were reissued. "This implies that curren... See full details

  17. Not so Safe

    Date: 17 Jun 2005
    Townhouse Security an Empty Promise They lay asleep, secure in the knowledge that their security complex was safe. But upon waking last Thursday morning, the Luptons quickly realised that the burglar bars on their windows and high walls surrounding the complex were no deterrent to criminals. They and their neighbours had been robbed of money and two cars. "This is a pretty secure co... See full details

  18. Report Child Porn: Minister

    Date: 09 Jun 2005
    The Minister of Home Affairs has urged members of the public to report people who might be involved in child pornography. Speaking at the National Conference Against Child Pornography yesterday, Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula said every child deserved a childhood that included a period of innocence. "We are not protection our children when we, by our silence and inaction, allow them to be used for ... See full details

  19. Fake CV's up by 20%

    Date: 09 Jun 2005
    Fake employee qualifications are on the increase, with between 15% and 20% turning out to be fraudulent, experts say. Speaking at a Marcus Evans conference on fraud prevention and eradication in Johannesburg yesterday, Kroll MIE company spokesman Dr Elmarie Liebenberg said almost a quarter of all qualifications sent to them for verification by prospective employers and employment agencies tur... See full details

  20. Date Rape

    Date: 02 Jun 2005
    Beware Date Rape at Clubs: Drugwise Drugwise has warned women and men to be more vigilant at entertainment venues and social gatherings. This follows an increase in the number of reported date rapes in the past few months. Drugwise awareness group spokesman Jenni Wiltshire said the substance most used by rapists to incapacitate victims were sleeping tablets. "Drugs such as liquid Ecsta... See full details

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