1. Shocking statistics

    Date: 29 Sep 2005
    Drug-related crimes soar in South Africa Drug-related crimes have increased so rapidly in recent times that more than R10m worth of drugs have been seized this month alone at the Johannesburg International Airport. The SAPS national crime statistics have revealed that drug-related offences increased by 11,7% in Gauteng and nationally by 58,8% during the past financial year. Since 2000, 44... See full details

  2. Armed guards ‘won’t stop mall robberies’

    Date: 25 Sep 2005
    Arming private security guards will not stop the increasing number of armed robberies in Gauteng’s shopping malls. Business Against Crime (BAC) chief executive Kenny Fihla said shopping centres were seen as soft targets by criminals. But if security guards were armed, crooks would respond with automatic weapons, endangering the public. Tougher security at banks had made the gangs move to ... See full details

  3. 64% of businesses fear fraud

    Date: 25 Sep 2005
    Fraud is a scourge in South Africa and Africa, a survey of businesses revealed yesterday. The survey, by auditing firm KPMG, said 64% of the South African companies and 65% of companies in the rest of Africa reported that fraud was a big headache. �Respondents are mostly of the same opinion: that businesses and organisations need to have the necessary internal controls and preventative mea... See full details

  4. Gun licensing is going well: SAPS

    Date: 22 Sep 2005
    Despite a public outcry about the slow firearm licensing procedures, the South African Police Service claimed yesterday the renewal of firearm licences was going smoothly. Director Phuti Setati, Section Head of Media Relations said the Firearm Control Act (FCA) was brought in to "vigorously address firearm-related crimes" by removing illegal guns and ensuring control over legal guns. He did... See full details

  5. Fears grow as robbers hit malls

    Date: 21 Sep 2005
    The frequency of armed robberies at shopping malls in Gauteng and the Western Cape has caused anxiety among property owners and shopping centre managers. On Sunday a robber was shot dead during an armed robbery at a jewellery store in Pretoria’s Brooklyn Mall. In another incident also on Sunday, gunmen hit St Elmo’s restaurant at the Eagles Landing Shopping Centre in Honeydew, north of Joburg.... See full details

  6. Licence scam over the Internet

    Date: 21 Sep 2005
    A new bogus driver’s licence scam, which allows drivers to buy an international driver’s permit over the Internet, has hit South Africa. Available from two sites that both appear to be situated in the United States, the so-called :”International Driver’s Permit” offered by both sites for between $25 (R160) and $35 (R225) looks authentic in every respect, and even comes with an embedded hologram... See full details

  7. Dept of Corrupt Affairs!

    Date: 18 Sep 2005
    Corruption within the Department of Home Affairs has reached crisis proportions. Jenny Reid, managing director of corporate security solution providers, GriffithsReid, said a radical overhaul of the screening and selection process for employees was a matter of urgency. “The news that original South African passports have been found among the possessions of terrorists responsible for the publ... See full details

  8. Beware - Criminals use animals in car jackings.

    Date: 16 Sep 2005
    It seems some criminals don't act like animals only when committing crimes, but even resort to using animals to take advantage of victims. This was one woman's experience when she was travelling on the N1 highway in Johannesburg. The woman noticed two youths walking with a dog tied to a string next to the highway. "My wife said the two started beating the dog with a metal pipe," said the ... See full details

  9. The Soft Targets

    Date: 14 Sep 2005
    Criminal syndicates see malls, shops as soft targets Crime syndicates see shopping malls and retail outlets as soft targets, the Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation (CSVR) says. This is because they are seen as less secure than the other favourite targets of armed gangs, such as banks, CSVR says. "Armed groups believe they can get in and out quickly because of eas... See full details

  10. Guard your banking info

    Date: 14 Sep 2005
    Do not give strangers your banking details. That is the warning from several banks after the emergence of another 419 scam. In this latest scam fraudsters call unsuspecting clients to congratulate them on winning a holiday trip for two. Victims are then asked for their name, address, names of their dependants, ID number and banking details. "This particular (419 scam) version is new to u... See full details

  11. Police warning on illegals

    Date: 14 Sep 2005
    Anyone who employs illegal immigrants will be fined up to R25 000 if caught by the police. That is the stern warning from the commander of Dawn Park detectives, Captain Pine Pienaar after a number of illegal immigrants were arrested on the East Rand recently. "There is a big problem with illegal workers in Boksburg and we most often find them within large work forces, such as construction si... See full details

  12. ID's used for crime, terror

    Date: 14 Sep 2005
    The government is to introduce measures aimed at preventing passports from falling into the hands of criminal or terrorist groups. At a Justice, Crime Prevention and Security media briefing in Parliament yesterday, it emerged that terrorist and criminal groups exploit gaps in security systems to acquire South African identity documents and passports. Safety and Security Minister Charles Nqak... See full details

  13. Dead have ID's Stolen

    Date: 11 Sep 2005
    Thanks to the continuing chaos at the Department of Home Affairs and increasingly wily criminals, stealing the identity of the dead has become a major problem for credit bureaux and creditors. Fred Steffers, managing director of the Consumer Profile Bureau, said while identity theft had always been a problem, stealing the identity of the dead as a relatively new phenomenon. “Because of the l... See full details

  14. Unsolved murders - share your stories

    Date: 25 Aug 2005
    People wanting to share their stories of unsolved murders and 'cold cases' should e-mail or For residents in KwaZulu Natal please send to: Please include the case number, the investigating officer's name and a photo of the victim if possible. See full details

  15. Info on firearms Act

    Date: 24 Aug 2005
    Firearm owners who are unhappy with the new licensing regulations would be well advised to visit the Pretoria Show. Pretoria police spokesman Senior Superintendent Morne van Wyk said experiened police personnel will be available at the SAPS stand to answer questions on the controversial Firearms Control Act. The Act has drawn much criticism from legal gun owners, who feel its regulations dis... See full details

  16. SA's defence force losing key battle

    Date: 24 Aug 2005
    The difficulties facing the SA National Defence Force, such as obsolescent equipment, an exceptionally high ratio of generals to other ranks, and a lack of trained personnel are "nothing new" in contributing to an ill-prepared military. In saying this Professor Mike Hough, of the University of Pretoria's Institute for Strategic Studies, pointed out that the past few Department of Defence annual... See full details

  17. Cash-in-Transit: ram'n rob the norm

    Date: 23 Aug 2005
    Ramming cars into cash-in-transit vehicles to facilitate a robbery is on the increase on Johannesburg freeways. In four separate incidents in the past few weeks’ luxury cars have rammed cash-in-transit vehicles off the roads and robberies have followed. Yesterday a gang of gunmen stole several cash boxes after a Mercedes rammed a Fidelity Guard vehicle from behind, pushing it into the barrie... See full details

  18. Your interests at heart ? - BEWARE!

    Date: 23 Aug 2005
    If you are interested in the following: SA’s Financial Institutions are refusing to rectify the wrongs regarding their “products” in pension/retirement/investment funds. The truth is that Institutional Executives do not understand the macro issues behind the scam, nor the full impact that the Pensions Fund Adjudicator’s rulings have. Discovery’s new Optimiser Retirement Annuity is leadin... See full details

  19. Renewing gun licences

    Date: 23 Aug 2005
    Police warn firearm owners to renew licences – or face the consequences The South African Police Service over the weekend warned firearm owners to renew their licences or face prosecution. “Your birthday determines when you must renew your firearm licence,” stressed National Head of Media Relations, Director Phuti Setati. “Refusal to comply with the strict requirements set in accordance w... See full details

  20. Thieves are targeting E Rand filling stations

    Date: 19 Aug 2005
    Petrol thieves are targeting East Rand filling stations with at least four cases recently reported to police. Authorities have now urged owners of filling stations to update their video cameras and equipment, and to make sure they are in working order. Two occupants of a maroon Toyota Corolla conned a petrol attendant at a Sunward Park Shell garage on Tuesday evening, by asking him to fill s... See full details

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