1. Criminal misconduct cost R120 million

    Date: 09 Feb 2006
    Unauthorised, irregular, wasteful expenditure and losses resulting from criminal misconduct by various government departments and provinces totalled more than R120 million in the 2005/6 financial year, the Public Service Commission (PSC) said yesterday. PSC deputy chairman John Ernstzen said not all departments had indicated the costs of financial misconduct. The amount reported was R120 497 7... See full details

  2. Stolen guaranteed cheques a big problem

    Date: 09 Feb 2006
    Problems with stolen “bank guaranteed” cheques appear to be fairly widespread, if the response by readers to a story in The Citizen on Monday is anything to go by. A number of people have contacted the paper following publication of the difficulties a Pretoria businessman had with a bank-guaranteed cheque. Three people said they had accepted bank-guaranteed cheques, only to be told when pres... See full details

  3. Blow as witnesses are to be left unprotected

    Date: 06 Feb 2006
    The country’s witness protection programme will be dismantled at the end of the month. The 85 specially trained police officers tasked with guarding about 250 witnesses and their families in the nine provinces are to return to normal duties within the SA Police Service on March 1. While they have been responsible for the protection of witnesses, the programme is in fact one of the responsibi... See full details

  4. Radical review of prisons on the cards

    Date: 02 Feb 2006
    Parliament's correctional services committee will push for a radical review of prison rules and prisoners' privileges in a bid to reduce escapes and clamp down on rogue officials. Chairperson of the national assembly's committee on correctional services Dennis Bloem said this yesterday after slack security in prisons was pin-pointed as the cause of most escapes and attempted escapes which often... See full details

  5. Pro-gun body wants Act repealed

    Date: 26 Jan 2006
    The official launch of pro-gun organisation Gun Owners of South Africa will take place in the Western Cape today. Although the formal launch takes place today, Gosa has been in operation since 2004 opposing the government’s “stated intent of public disarmament: It was formed with the sole intention of having the Firearms Control Act of 2000 repealed. Gosa has slammed the Act, calling it “fa... See full details

  6. Farmers form support circles

    Date: 26 Jan 2006
    Farmers in Limpopo are mobilising into “support circles” to improve security, in response to the high number of farm murders and the disbanding of commandos. Transvaal Agricultural Union (TAU) North chairman Dries Joubert said 17 of these groups had been established in the Mokopane (Potgietersrus) area. “The purpose is wider than just security, and our wide range of training courses includes... See full details

  7. Keep your gun - expert

    Date: 22 Jan 2006
    One of the most senior prosecutors in the country, Advocate John Welch, has told The Citizen he does not believe the new Firearms Control Act give police the right to take away firearms licences granted in terms of old firearms laws. Under the new Firearms Control Act - which came into effect this year - all gun owners have to re-licence their firearms and to do so must pass a rigorous competen... See full details

  8. Find out about your traffic fines - by SMS

    Date: 18 Jan 2006
    Johannesburg’s Metro Police Department (JMPD) and their IT partner, 2Big Mobile Applications, have teamed up with Vodacom cellphone network provider to expand their services to traffic offenders, and broaden their tracking mechanism through an SMS system. This was announced yesterday at a media briefing held in Martindale, Johannesburg. By sending an ID number to 36997 via SMS from any netwo... See full details

  9. A Fine Mess

    Date: 10 Jan 2006
    You will pay a lot more for traffic violations under new law Traffic offenders will be forced to pay fines inflated by extra costs to stay on the roads if a new law comes into being. Officials are pushing for stricter enforcement on the grounds that only a fifth of the latest holiday season fines are likely to be paid. They claim traffic fines already stick with you for life – unle... See full details

  10. German agency to back SA’s war on corruption

    Date: 09 Jan 2006
    South Africa’s fight against corruption has been boosted by German government aid. Business Against Crime (BAC) has concluded a two-year public-private partnership with GTZ, an international co-operation enterprise for sustainable development with worldwide operations. The partnership entails investing R3,6m, of which local business will provide R2m. BAC chief executive Kenny Fihla said i... See full details

  11. More time for firearm licences

    Date: 09 Jan 2006
    The police have again urged all firearm licence holders to make use of the renewed opportunity to renew their firearm licences. This comes soon after the cut-off date for firearm licence renewals was extended by the Minister of Safety and Security earlier this month. Everyone born between January 1 and March 31 has until the end of March 2006 to renew licences. “We are strongly urging all... See full details

  12. Big drive to catch licence forgers

    Date: 09 Jan 2006
    Licence-forgers face a concerted crackdown after nearly 4 000 drivers’ licences were cancelled and 344 people arrested in the past year. Trade in forged drivers’ licences is hard to stop, because the life-threatening practice brings in big money. Some syndicates sell a thousand a month at up to R5 000 each. But thanks to improved crime intelligence, the sources where bogus licences are il... See full details

  13. Cheque post scam

    Date: 10 Dec 2005
    Johannsburg's Revenue Department has fallen victim to a Post Office scam in which an apparent syndicate of criminals intercepts cheques sent by post. Revenue Department spokesman Mandy Jean Woods said many of the cheques intercepted by the syndicate were intended for the city's coffers. Many were written by companies for RSC levy payments. "We appeal to our customers who have posted cheques... See full details

  14. Bogus collectors out: SPCA

    Date: 10 Dec 2005
    The SPCA has warned bogus collectors are making the rounds of Johannesburg’s northern suburbs, claiming to be raising funds for the organisation. A woman has been spotted at Balfour Park shopping centre with an SPCA tin and stickers, seeking donations. She provides a name and number to contact with queries but the number is unreachable. She also claims to be affiliated to the Animal Anti-Cr... See full details

  15. Beware of fake notes over Christmas, warns bank

    Date: 09 Dec 2005
    Shop owners and the general public have been warned to watch out for fake money over the festive season. Rennies Bank Operations Director, Craig Macfarlane said counterfeiters mostly targeted unsuspecting retailers and jewellery stores in a bid to exchange fake money for high quality goods, which they later sold. Exacerbating the threat is the fact that local retailers are legally permitted ... See full details

  16. Owners helped to re-register firearms

    Date: 09 Dec 2005
    Hundreds of gun owners in long queues are being assisted daily at the national offices of the South African Hunters and Game Conservation Association in Pretoria. Spokesman Andres van Dyk said most needed assistance with the re-registration of their arms licences, or were applying for dedicated hunter status. The association has reminded gun owners whose birthday was during January, February... See full details

  17. Every corner is a hot spot, warn police

    Date: 09 Dec 2005
    Pretoria police have warned motorists to treat every street intersection, stop sign and driveway in the townships or suburbs as a hijacking hotspot. Depending on the type of car or models being sought be the hi-jackers, at any given time a motorist is a potential victim. Captain Piletzi Sebola said between January and October 2005, the anti-hijacking unit arrested 298 people and recovered se... See full details

  18. Tackling crime on the web

    Date: 30 Nov 2005
    Business and households start security project to make northern suburbs safe. An innovative community security project has taken off in the northern suburbs covering about 10 000 households in Parktown. Parktown North, Parkview, Greenside, Emmarentia and parts of Craighall Park. Called Precinct Web, households and businesses contribute between R100 and R200 a month to have 10 roving ambassa... See full details

  19. Warning to traffic offenders

    Date: 30 Nov 2005
    Repeat traffic offenders had better be careful or their vehicles will be confiscated. According to Auto & General Insurance (A&G), the risk has increased substantially for drivers who repeatedly commit traffic violations to have their vehicles confiscated. That includes those with multiple fines for excessive speeding or drunk driving offences. Earlier this year, a court ruling in the Wes... See full details

  20. We have a plan, police claim

    Date: 30 Nov 2005
    Gauteng provincial police management do have plans in place to deal with crime trends, director Sally de Beer said yesterday. This follows a spate of armed robberies targeting the retail industry in Gauteng. De Beer said it was true that it would not be possible for the SAPS to permanently post police members at all retail outlets. Shopping centre managers had a responsibility to provide ... See full details

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