Request to see Yengeni’s cell

Date: 06 Sep 2006
The Prisoners’ Organisation for Human Rights (SAPOHR) has requested a visit to Tony Yengeni in Malmesbury medium security prison. The organisation’s president Miles Bhudu, Golden Miles Bhudu, said they wanted to see whether the former ANC chief whip was receiving preferential treatment, saying: “Yengeni is treated like any other offender of his category, according to policies applicable”. Bhudu said: “Does Correctional Services have something to hide? This is not their personal system – we have a right to know what is going on.” Kebeni has confirmed that they have received the request, but says: “It is for Yengeni to say who can and who cannot visit him, not the Minister.” By Christelle du Toit The Citizen 06/09/06