Cwele denies claims he wanted to stop SSA’s Gupta probe (Part 2)

Date: 29 Jun 2021

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It was alleged that Cwele had opposed the investigation, saying it was not pursued bona fide, but was rather being pursued by Njenje who was “protecting his business interests”.

The investigation into the Guptas was motivated by several instances including information from US intelligence services and concerns about the brothers’ involvement in the purchase of a uranium mine.

The decision to probe the Gupta family was also taken following a report a report that current Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula, speaking at an ANC NEC (national executive committee) meeting, said one of the Gupta brothers had informed him he would be offered a Cabinet post before he was officially told about it.

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The NEC meeting in August 2011 saw a tense discussion about the influence of the Guptas.

Due to national security being at risk, Shaik, Maqethuka and Njenje took a decision to investigate the controversial family.

A few days later, the trio were allegedly summoned to Cape Town for a meeting with Cwele, which was described as “extremely confrontational”.

They said there was no discussion of interception in the meeting, instead they were mostly “rambling” about the conflict of interest regarding Njenje’s business interests with the Guptas.”

By Molefe Seeletsa - Digital Journalist

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